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Yamaha Clutch

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  • Yamaha Clutch Puller for Driven Clutch (For Gas Carts)

  • Yamaha G29/Drive Driven Clutch (Fits 2007-2012 Carts w/ Team Clutch!)

  • Yamaha DRIVE / G29 Drive Clutch w/ Rollers (For 2007+, exact OEM replacement)

  • Yamaha G1 Drive Clutch (For 2-cycle Gas 1978-1989)

  • Yamaha G29 / DRIVE Severe Duty Clutch Kit (For 2007-2011 w/ Oversized Tires & YDR Clutches)

  • Yamaha G14-G22 Clutch Weight Kit (For 1996-2006)

  • Yamaha Drive / G29 - Drive-Clutch High Torque Increase Spring

  • Yamaha Golf Cart Power Driven Clutch Spring Kit with Input Shaft Spacer (Fits ALL Yamaha G1-G22 Carts!)

  • Yamaha G29 / DRIVE - Drive Clutch Puller

  • Yamaha G1-G22 Clutch Puller (1978-1995)

  • Yamaha Drive / G29 - Drive-Clutch Low Torque Increase Spring

  • Yamaha G16-G22 Drive Clutch Roller (For 4-cycle Gas 1996+)

  • Yamaha G11 / G14 / G16 / G19 / G22 Standard Duty Clutch Spring for Secondary Clutch

  • Yamaha Clutch Dowel Pin
    Yamaha Clutch Dowel Pin $20.99 $13.95

  • Yamaha G2-G22 Primary Clutch Bolt

  • Yamaha G2-G22 Drive Clutch (For 4-cycle Gas 1985+)

  • Yamaha G2-G22 Sliding Driven Clutch Sheave - Balanced (For 4-cycle Gas 1985+)

  • Yamaha DRIVE / G29 Drive Clutch Bolt

  • Yamaha G29 / DRIVE Primary Clutch (For 2007+, Team and OE Replacement)

  • Yamaha G2 thru G22 Heavy Duty Secondary Clutch

  • Yamaha G2 thru G22 Standard Duty Secondary Clutch

  • Yamaha G16-G22 Drive Clutch Oil Seal

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