Club Car Models

Various Club Car Models including DS, Onward, Precedent and XRT

Below, we outline the full list of current 2024 Club Car Golf Cart models on the market, and also a full list of 1960-2023 previous Club Car models the company offered in the past.

Club Car was founded in 1958 in Augusta, Georgia and has been producing golf carts since the early 1960s. Over the years, Club Car has widely expanded its product line to meet consumer and business demands. In addition to carts for the golf course, Club Car has grown to offer a wide range of personal use (PTV), commercial and utility vehicles (UTVs) for groundskeeping industries and resorts.

Because Club Car offers many different new golf cart models today, it can be difficult to understand which one might make the most sense for you. And when you include all production models Club Car has made over their golf cart production history, it can be tough to find a list of all Club Car golf cart models chronologically (by year) online. No worries, we've got your back, just read below!

Current Club Car Models 2024   |   1960-2023 Club Car Models by Year

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Current 2024 Club Car Models

For the 2024 model year, Club Car offers six primary golf cart models:

  • Club Car Onward: Top of the line personal transportation / neighborhood vehicle, great on the golf course or the street.
  • Club Car CRU: The CRU is Club Car's new luxury NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle) entrant to the market, and the price tag is as hefty as its features list! 
  • Club Car Tempo: Fleet / country club golf cart, with striped down features. Primarily designed for golf course use.
  • Club Car Villager (Commercial): The golf cart of choice for many prestigious resorts and facilities, offering 6-passenger and 8-passenger seating capacity.  
  • Club Car Carryall (Commercial):
  • Club Car XRT (Commercial):  

There are several versions of each cart depending on the price point, desired drivetrain (gas, electric, or lithium), number of seats, and use you are looking for. The Onward, CRU and Tempo are the consumer carts, for the golf course, neighborhood and more. And the Carryall and XRT models are primarily a Utility Golf Carts used commercially or on farms and resorts.

2024 Club Car Golf Cart Models for Personal and Golf Course Use

Club Car Onward

Offered in 2-passenger, 4-passenger, 4-Forward Passenger and 6-passenger configurations.

2024 Club Car Onward 2-Passenger Golf Cart in Gunmetal Color2024 Club Car Onward 4-Passenger Lifted Golf Cart in Blue Color2024 Club Car Onward 4-Forward Lifted Golf Cart in Blue Color2024 Club Car Onward 6-Passenger Golf Cart in Black Color

The Club Car Onward was introduced to the market in 2017, and continues to impress everyone who sees them out on the road. These carts come standard with:

  • Industry leading lightweight aluminum frame
  • Premium seating and body work
  • 10" wheels
  • Automotive style headlights and taillights
  • 6-year battery warranty.

The Onward really is the total package for any lifestyle cart riding you do. For 2024, these carts come standard with 10” premium golf cart wheels. But newly upgraded premium 12” or 14” wheels (pictured on some of the carts above) are available from factory and come mounted on high quality Kenda Tires. The Onward is also available in HP and HP LI-ION drivetrain upgrades, which bring up the power levels and battery performance. Learn more about the onward on our list of Top 10 Best Golf Carts of 2024.

Club Car CRU

2024 Club Car CRU Golf Cart in Grey Color

The Club Car CRU was introduced in 2023 as the company's way of producing a street-legal "lifestyle vehicle" that Club Car hopes will disrupt the low-speed vehicle (LSV) market for consumers. In other words, the CRU is what you get when you cross a golf cart with an actual car, but just cooler and more convenient in several ways when it comes to and around town / neighborhood-use vehicle.

Designed by BMW Designworks, the CRU features seating for 6-passengers powered by a 72-Volt powered 10HP continuous; 30HP Peak electric motor with electric power steering (a first, for golf carts), independent double A-Arm front suspension, coil-spring rear solid axle, 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and 215/50R14 Radial golf cart tires. Optional Bluetooth speakers and even a windshield wiper system are available.

The CRU includes the following standard features:

  • Flowy open-air design
  • Center table with bench seating
  • Street-legality from factory
  • Seat belts, turn-signals and full front and rear coil suspension

Club Car Tempo

2024 Club Car Tempo Golf Carts on Golf Course

The Club Car Tempo is Club Car's commercial offering for golf course use. These carts are great for a round of 18-holes, and when upgraded with the proper golf cart accessories these carts make amazing neighborhood cruisers as well! The best part about the Tempo and Onward carts is that accessories made for the prior model Club Car Precedent are also compatible with the Tempo and Onward.

The aluminum frame featured on this cart (and all Club Car models) makes it a great choice if you are in a coastal community where salt can cause damage to regular steel framed golf carts. The 2024 Tempo model carts are available in Gas (14HP, 429 cc Kohler 4-cycle EFI), Electric (48-Volt DC), and Lithium Ion (4.7hp AC) variants:

  • Electric Drivetrain:
    • 48-Volt Electric drivetrain, 3.3HP
    • 48-Volt AC Electric Lithium-Ion drivetrain, 4.7HP
  • Gas Drivetrain:
    • 429cc Gas Kohler engine, 14HP


Club Car Villager

Offered in 6-passenger (Villager-6) and 8-passenger (Villager-8)

2024 Club Car Villager-6 Golf Cart in White Color 2024 Club Car Villager-8 Golf Cart in Beige Color

The 2024 Villager Models from Club Car were built with hospitality in mind. Whether picking up VIPs at a private airport, escorting guests through a stadium, or transporting guests around your resort; the Villager model with 4 forward-facing and 2 rear-facing seats will impress any and all passengers.

Need more passenger capacity? The Village also comes in an 8-passenger layout, with 6-forward facing seats and 2 rear-facing seats. A long time classic at resorts, the Villager 8 moves up to eight passengers in a single trip and can replace expensive vans for your company.

Both the Villager-6 and Villager-8 can navigate narrow areas that might not be accessible to conventional vehicles.

2024 Club Car Golf Carts for Commercial or Farm Use

Club Car Carryall UTV

2024 Club Car Carryall 550 with Accessories and Tools 2024 Club Car Carryall 1700 4x4 Utility Vehicle in Grey


The 2024 Carryall model line from Club Car is not only great looking, they are incredibly functional utility carts known for their impressive cargo capabilities and performance in commercial applications. Think of the Carryall lineup as if a golf cart and a UTV had a child. Great for use in running golf course, resort or other venue operations.

Club Car Carryall UTV Models:

  • Carryall 100Club Car's most economic option. Small profile and tight turning radius make it a great choice for security, parking, and lighter duty applications
  • Carryall 300Rugged and versatile, the Carryall 300 UTV is a perfect solution for industrial and commercial jobs. 800-lbs cargo bed capacity
  • Carryall 500Unparalleled versatility and rugged durability, 1,500-lbs towing capacity and 800-lbs cargo bed capacity
  • Carryall 502: Popular at universities, the 502 was designed to make garden management easier. Extra cabin room and a high-visibility dash
  • Carryall 550Gas or electric utility vehicle, with 6-inches of ground clearance (the most in its class), factory brush guard, aluminum frame, and rough terrain tires 
  • Carryall 700: The 700 grows in size from the 500 series models; with a bed that’s almost six feet long and a 3/4-ton (1000-lbs) total vehicle capacity
  • Carryall 1500: Powerful, either 20HP Gas or Diesel engine, 4WD (optional) or 2WD system, semi-independent four-link rear suspension system, 8.2 ground clearance and 2,000 lbs towing capacity
  • Carryall 1700: The strongest and most capable Carryall on the market, featuring four-wheel drive system shifts automatically as needed to maximize traction 

Club Car Carryall Turf (for golf course operations)

2024 Club Car Carryall Turf 700 driving on Golf Course 2024 Club Car Carryall 500 PRC 2024 Club Car Carryall 1500 Turf

Same as the Carryall UTV models, but focused on being safe for the Turf and aiding in the management of golf course operations.

Club Car Carryall Turf Models:

  • Carryall 300 Turf: The same as the Carryall 300, but with the golf course in mind. 800-lbs cargo bed capacity
  • Carryall 500 Turf: Created for work, but easy on turf; 1,500 lbs. vehicle capacity, aluminum frame and cargo box, available in gas or electric
  • Carryall 500 PRC: Portable refreshment center, with integrated roto-molded coolers that fit easily in the bed of your Carryall and accommodate up to 360 12-ounce canned beverages along with 80 lbs. of ice
  • Carryall 502 Turf: Designed specifically for superintendents, features low-profile dash for maximum turf visibility and an extra-wide canopy to keep you dry
  • Carryall 550 Turf: Same specs as the UTV version, but built with Turf tires and golf course operations in mind
  • Carryall 700 Turf: High hauling capacity with a six-foot long cargo bed capable of handling 1,000 lbs., turf tires make it ready for any golf course
  • Carryall 1500 Turf: The gentle giant; the 1500 2WD is for the heavy-duty jobs when you still need to tread lightly and protect your course
  • Carryall Cafe ExpressCafé Express refreshment vehicle with refrigerated storage and mobile merchandising cubbies helps clubs recognize new daily revenue
  • Carryall Golf Ball Picker: Front Attachment and caged doors, which can be fitted to any Carryall model 

Club Car XRT UTV

2024 Club Car XRT 800 in Red 2024 Club Car XRT 1550 in Red and Black 2024 Club Car XRT 1550 SE in Red

The Club Car XRT vehicles are UTV style carts designed for personal use on your ranch, farm or other large property where terrain may be more unforgiving. The 2024 XRT lineup comes in three different variations, depending on your needs:

  • XRT 800: Compact size, known for going places other vehicles can't (narrow trails). Fits in the bed of a full-size pickup truck. 14HP gas or 13HP electric power.
  • XRT 1550: Rugged 2-seat UTV built for the heaviest abuse, with a 20HP gas or diesel powerplant standard.
  • XRT 1550 SE: The same as the XRT 1550, but with 4-seats instead of two. Great for use as a hunting vehicle.


Historical Club Car Models by Year

Below are the primary marquee Model Carts offered in the Club Car lineup over the years. This list is longer and will repeat some of the 2024 models above, but can give you an idea of the many primary models that Club Car has produced since the 1960s:

Club Car DS

Production Years: 1982 to 2013

Club Car DS Historic on Golf Course

Introduced to the market in 1982, the Club Car DS became an instant staple at country clubs around the world. With its uniquely designed fiberglass front cowl and body work, aluminum frame, and square body the DS was so successful that it didn't receive an update the first ten years it was produced. In 1993, Club Car began making the bodies of these carts out of injection molded plastic, rather than fiberglass. But the look remained relatively unchanged.

It wasn't until the year 2004 that Club Car decided to give the Club Car DS a facelift. There are a few key difference between the 1982-2003.5 and the 2003.5-2013 model DS carts:

Pre-2004 Club Car DS:

  • Two individual front seats 
  • Metal Dust covers on wheel hubs
  • Roof has no integrated handles
  • Aluminum / sliver roof support struts

2004-2013 Club Car DS:

  • Full front bench seat
  • Plastic dust covers found on the 2004+
  • Roof has handles integrated
  • Black roof support struts

Club Car Precedent

Production Years: 2004-2018

Club Car Precedent on Golf Course with Golfer in Background

The Precedent was the successor to the Club Car DS, introduced to the world in 2004. This cart became an instant hit at country clubs around the world and in neighborhoods across the United States.

Club Car Onward

Production Years: 2017+

Club Car Onward Historic

Introduced to the market in 2017, the Onward took what Club Car was doing on the golf course with their Precedent model cart and turned everything up to 11! This cart is one of the most luxurious and capable neighborhood and golf cart cruisers on the market. Offering automotive style headlights, upgraded interior electronics, new body panels and front fascia, and more.

Club Car Tempo

Production Years: 2017+

Various Club Car Tempo models on Golf Course

The Club Car Tempo was introduced to the market in 2017 as the commercial / fleet version of the all new Onward. Typically offered with no frills (no headlights, standard seating, etc.), this is the perfect country club cart for a round of 18 holes.

Club Car Villager

Production Years: 2010+

Club Car Villager-6 on College Campus

The Club Car Villager line of golf carts was introduced to the market in 2010 as an answer to meet the demands of customers visiting resorts, arenas, college campuses and other large venues. The carts are built to carry 6 or 8 passengers, offering utility to the companies who use them while costing much less than a comparable van or other vehicle with the same seating capacity would.

Club Car CRU

Production Years: 2023+

2024 Club Car CRU in White


The Club Car Carryall

As outlined above in the 2024 model offering, the CARRYALL is another sub-model of Club Car Golf Carts, which are beefier style utility vehicles with additional features and more capabilities than regular golf carts. These vehicles are more like a blend of UTV meets golf cart, and are used for many commercial applications.

Each series of Carryall vehicle comes offered with the option of being commercial or turf focused. And typically also feature the option to choose either 2WD or 4WD drivetrains.

Club Car Carryall II

Production Years: 1985-2009

Club Car Carryall II in Grey


Club Car Carryall 100

Production Years: 2008+

Club Car Carryall 100 in Blue with Passengers


Club Car Carryall 300

Production Years: 2008+

Club Car Carryall 300 Security


Club Car Carryall 500 and 510 LSV

Production Years: 2008+

Club Car Carryall 500 in Blue


Club Car Carryall 502

Production Years: 2019+

Club Car Carryall 502 at University


Club Car Carryall 550

Production Years: 2008+

Club Car Carryall 550 on Jobsite


Club Car Carryall 700 and 710 LSV

Production Years: 2008+

Club Car Carryall 700 on Jobsite

Club Car Carryall 1500 (2WD and 4WD)

Production Years: 2009+

Club Car Carryall in Grey 1500 on Jobsite

Club Car Carryall 1700 4WD

Production Years: 2009+

Club Car Carryall 1700 4x4 on Construction Site


Club Car XRT

The Club Car XRT vehicles marked Club Car's entry into the UTV market for consumers. These vehicles are more capable than a standard golf cart, and are used where terrain may be more unforgiving.

Club Car XRT 800

Production Years: 2008+

Club Car XRT 800 on Airstrip

The Club Car XRT 800 is compact but designed for versatile utility and ruggedness. This model has a tough cargo bed and is intended for light-duty work, making it more than just a golf cart.

Club Car XRT 1550

Production Years: 2009+

Club Car XRT 1550 on Street

The toughest consumer UTV style vehicle that Club Car offers. The XRT 1550 is a 2-seat, 20HP monster is capable of tacking any trail and bringing your cargo along for the ride with you. It's perfect for those who need to transport heavy items around large properties or facilities.

Club Car XRT 1550 SE

Production Years: 2009+

Club Car XRT 1550 SE Hunting Crew

The XRT 1550 SE is the same tough UTV as the 1550, but with 4-seats instead of two.

Wrapping up Our Club Car Models List

This completes the entire history of Club Car golf cart production. We want to make note that for commercial use, Club Car does offer additional models for Facilities Engineering, Housekeeping, Grounds Maintenance, Room Service, Food Service, Refuse Removal, Security, Ambulance, and more. But because we focus on consumer golf carts here at the Golf Cart Tire Supply, we would direct you to Club Car corporate for questions regarding those models.

If you have any questions about your particular Club Car golf cart, or any Club Car golf cart accessories or golf cart wheels and tires available for it then please give us a call at 1-844-422-7884!

Updated: 6/8/2024

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