Golf Cart Roof Buyer's Guide


When is it time for a new Golf Cart Roof on your cart? What’s the best brand of roof? What sizes are Golf Cart Extended Roof kits offered in? How much do they cost? We’re covering it all in this helpful article!

Today we are going to talk about the only thing between your head (and your passengers’ heads) and the elements above: your golf cart roof! Golf cart roof replacements and our golf cart extended roof kits are one of the most popular purchases our customers make to modify their cart for the better. Over time, your golf cart roof will naturally fade due to constant UV exposure. A fresh new factory roof, or longer custom roof in a cool color can total change the look of your cart, and can even give your passengers a much better overall riding experience.

All you need to decide is how you’ll be using your golf cart most of the time, to make it clear what kind of roof is best for you:

  1. Factory Sized Roof: Used with 1-2 passengers on the golf course or around your property
  2. Extended Roof: Used with more than two passengers (1-4 total), on a 4-seater cart or carts with a rear seat kit installed

Factory Replacement Sized Golf Cart Roof

If you are just looking for a simple replacement golf cart roof, they are easy to find and come in a standard 54” or other sizes in the table below:

EZGO OEM Roof Sizes

Club Car OEM Roof Sizes

Yamaha OEM Roof Sizes

  TXT / Medalist = 54”

  DS = 54”

  G1-G9 = 53”

  RXV = 54”

  Precedent = 54”

  G14/G16/G22 = 60”

  Marathon = 53”

  Onward / Tempo = 54”

  G29/DRIVE = 70”


  Carryall = 56”

  Drive2 = 70”

All golf cart tops are designed with built-in channels and drains, to redirect rainwater from the top of the golf cart to the ground. All you need to decide on is if you want a cool custom color for your factory roof replacement!

Golf Cart Extended Roof

These days, people use their golf carts for much more than golfing. Many of our customers use their cart around the neighborhood, at their lake house, at large facilities or as light utility vehicles on their properties. And when using your cart off the course, you typically have the need to carry more passengers; meaning you will add a golf cart rear seat to your cart! But carrying more passengers with a stock sized (54 inch) roof can mean your rear seat passengers are getting baked in the sun all day, or soaked in the rain during inclement weather.

But there is an easy way to protect your rear-seat passengers from the sun and all types of weather from above; and that is: an extended golf cart roof.

Most extended roofs for golf carts come in a universal 80 inch size, which will be enough to cover anything in the back seat of your golf cart. But there are several types of extended roofs:

  • 80 inch golf cart roof – Universal fit
  • 84 inch golf cart roof – Universal fit
  • 88" golf cart roof – If you like the custom look of a longer roof (and want to make sure your passengers toes don’t get wet!)
  • 120” roof

Most extended tops will fit all golf cart models (and will include the proper installation hardware, roof supports, etc.).

Golf Cart Roof Rack

When using your cart off the course, you typically have the need to carry more passengers AND more personal items with you: meaning you need more storage space to do it! But it is not always easy to carry more passengers and your cargo at the same time. Most golf cart rear seat kits these days are "folding" rear seats, that can also act as a cargo bed which allows you to haul a load of stuff, but takes away your two rear seats when in use. But what about when you need to take 4-passengers AND cargo with you? Answer: a Golf Cart Roof Rack.

Most golf cart roof racks are offered in 52” size (52” x 32” x 5”) so that they will fit on any standard golf cart roof (which means they also fit on an extended roof). Just be sure that the roof rack you are purchasing is made for your specific roof type.

Golf Cart Roof Supports

Golf cart roof supports (also known as struts) are boring, but important. They support/hold up that golf cart roof over your head!

There are a few places where golf cart roof supports come into play:

  1. Your golf cart comes with factory roof supports that may need to get replaced if they are bent after a crash event, or due to excess weight being placed on the roof.
  2. If you add a rear seat kit to your golf cart, the kit will many times include new rear roof supports to work with your new rear seat (although some seat kits reuse your factory supports)
  3. Custom Golf Cart Tops, canopy tops, extended roofs, etc. – may include or require custom roof supports or brackets

Golf Cart Roof Light Bar

One more golf cart roof accessory we can’t forget to mention is a roof mounted Golf Cart Light Bar!

Golf cart LED light bar kits give your cart a whole new purpose when driving during low visibility / night. Trails and paths that used to be too dangerous to traverse (due to tree branches, or other dangerous obstructions) can now be easily navigated even when it is pitch black outside!

Written by: Alex Sturwold – of the Golf Cart Expert Team

Published: 1/3/2022