What Year is my Club Car?

When it comes to fitting wheels and tires, lift kits, and other golf cart accessories and parts on your Club Car Golf Cart, it is extremely important to make sure you know the year and model of your golf cart! We've laid out an easy guide for you below, that will help you find your Club Car Serial Number, make, model and year!

In general, here is what each of the major Club Car Golf Cart model types are/look like:

Club Car DS (1982-2010) Club Car Precedent (2004+) Club Car Onward / Tempo (2017+)
club-car-ds-golf-cart-tire-supply-customer-01.png club-car-precedent-golf-cart-tire-supply-customer-01.png club-car-onward-golf-cart-tire-supply-01.png


1.  To find out the model and year of your Club Car Golf Cart the first thing you will need is to find your Club Car Serial Number.

The serial number on your Club Car Golf Cart can be located in one of three places:

  1. Under the passenger side glove compartment (on the kick panel)
  2. Inside the passenger side glove compartment
  3. On the driver's side frame behind the gas pedal

2.  Once you have located your serial number, read below and then use our table to find the model and year of your cart:

  • The first 1-2 letters determines the Model type of your Club Car
  • The next 2 characters are numbers which determine the Year of your Club Car
  • (The remaining numbers after the first two identify the week of production of your Club Car, and are insignificant)

Club Car Models by Serial Number

Serial Number

Model Name


DS Electric


DS Electric (48-volt)


DS Electric (36-volt)


DS Electric (48-volt)


DS Electric IQ (48-volt)


DS Gas


DS Power Drive (48-volt)


DS Electric (36-volt)


Precedent I2L Excel


Precedent Electric 4 Passenger


Precedent Gas


Precedent Gas


Precedent I2 Excel


Precedent I2 4 Passenger Excel


Precedent Professional Gas


Precedent Electric IQ (48-volt)


Precedent L2 Electric


Precedent L2 Gas


Precedent I2 Signature Excel


Precedent Signature Gas


Precedent Signature Electric


3.  Physical Club Car Identifiers:

If you are having trouble with the serial number (or for some reason your cart is missing its serial number)... here are some physical traits of each Club Car golf cart model:

Club Car DS Physical Traits

Club Car DS Models have a front body that is a square front with a small black plastic bumper on the lower front end

    • The DS Models changed in mid-year of 2000. You can tell whether your cart is pre-2000.5 or post 2000.5 by simply looking at your seat backs: 
      • If there are 2 individual seat-backs (separated in the middle), then you have a 1982-2000.5 model
      • If there is a one piece seat-back, then you have a 2000.5+ model

Club Car Precedent Physical Traits

Club Car Precedent Models have a rounded front body with a black plastic bumper wrapping around the entire cart

    • The Precedent itself also has two models offered. They are the:
      • Champion: Steering wheel with round center.
      • Professional: Steering wheel with square center.

Once you have figured out the year and model of your Club Car, you can begin outfitting your cart with some high quality Club Car Accessories or fixing it up with our genuine Club Car Parts!

If you have ANY questions regarding your golf cart model please call us at 844-422-7884!