The Top 10 Replacement Golf Cart Parts


Golf carts, like cars, have parts that tend to break over time and with extended use. But unlike golf cart accessories (which are instead used to customize your cart), golf cart parts are the factory components that make up your entire golf cart in its stock form. And sometimes these parts go bad and need to be replaced. So after 2,150,000+ items bought by customers on our website, we have gathered a list of the replacement golf cart parts our customer's buy the most for their carts in 2023!

Golf Cart Parts that Wear Out Most Often

10. Golf Cart Shocks / Leaf Springs

Golf cart shocks and golf cart leaf springs are the essential components that make your cart ride smooth. Without a proper suspension, your golf cart would bounce hard as a rock over every imperfection in the pavement. But over time, these suspension parts tend to take on a lot of wear and tear from extended use. Add in potholes, high curbs, and unexpected obstacles into the mix and it is no wonder why golf cart shocks, struts and leaf springs wear out over time. Luckily they are cheap and easy to replace!

golf-cart-shocks-01.jpg golf-cart-shocks-02.png ezgo-txt-golf-cart-heavy-duty-rear-leaf-springs-kit-01.jpg

But how will you know when it is time to replace your shocks? It's quite simple, actually. Is the rear end or front end of your cart sagging or riding low? Is your cart's suspension extra noisy when going over bumps or even when driving around gently? Then chances are your suspension parts are getting old. But don't be too upset when it's time to replace them. These parts come in at #10 on our list of most commonly replaced items by our customers, and when replaced can make your cart feel like a brand new machine! Refreshing the shocks on your old cart can help bring it right back to life, restoring the factory ride quality you’ve been missing out on. And heavy duty shocks or leaf springs can further beef up your cart’s ability to tackle hard terrain and can boost-up your front end 1-2 inches over OEM shocks. Just checkout the difference a simple set of golf cart leaf springs can make on an old EZGO golf cart in this quick 2-min video below:

Even if you are planning on adding a lift kit to your cart, a golf cart lift kit alone is not enough to solve the issue of worn out shocks or leaf springs. So to truly prevent tire rubbing, and bumpy ride quality, fresh golf cart shocks or leaf springs are recommended.

9. Golf Cart Key & Key Switch

Golf Cart Keys

Okay... so golf cart keys don't 'break', but they are the most common thing our customers lose! And they always seem to be lost at the absolute worst time possible. The scene looks like this: you’re late for this morning’s round of golf – and as you run out to the garage to start up your golf cart, you realize your keys are nowhere to be found. Perfect, now how will you zip-on over to the clubhouse? This is how it always seems to go! But it doesn't have to be this way if you purchase spare sets of replacement golf cart keys for your cart. Spare keys make sure you can avoid being left without a way to turn your cart on.

ezgo-rxv-key-01.png club-car-tempo-keys.png

When it comes to golf cart keys themselves, there are many reasons people buy replacement golf cart keys from us. Some people buy keys from us because they simply lost their primary set or their ignition terminal has gone bad and no longer works properly. Other customers buy keys because they just purchased a used cart that has just 1 set of keys (or none) at the time of purchase. And some of our customers buy spare golf cart keys to have a second set on hand for their spouse or house guests.

Golf Cart Key Switch

And then there is another essential component of getting your cart moving: your golf cart key switch. A golf cart key switch is the ignition terminal for your cart. It is where you insert your golf cart key in order to turn your cart on. And these key switches do in fact go bad and tend to get loose over time. But luckily, they are also easy to replace! 

golf-cart-keys-golf-cart-tire-supply-01.png ezgo-txt-key-switch-2-terminal-mixed-key-codes-01.png 


When purchasing golf cart keys or a replacement key switch, look for factory replacement keys rather than trying to get a cheap copy made at a hardware store. Keyed ignitions (even on golf carts) are sensitive to the key size and cut, and whether the keys are uncommon or have mixed codes. Buying keys from a trusted golf cart reseller like Golf Cart Tire Supply will ensure you never get stuck without being able to use your golf cart again! We carry only approved replacement golf cart keys for all EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha Golf Carts.

8. Golf Cart Clutch

A golf cart clutch, also referred to as a drive or driven clutch, is a mechanical component that plays a very important part in the functioning of your golf cart's transmission. The clutch operates by acting like a middleman in a race, turning the power generated by your cart's motor (first runner) and passing it on to the wheels (the final runner) to make your golf cart move forward. The further you press the gas pedal down, the faster your cart's motor works, causing the clutch to squeeze tighter using its nifty internal weights and springs (closing the clutch). This causes your cart's wheels to then turn quicker. So you can see your clutch is incredibly important because it helps control how fast or slow your golf cart goes. Without it, your cart would not move.

Golf cart clutches are a part of your golf cart's Continuously Variable Transmission (or CVT). This transmission is made up of two different clutches connected together by a golf cart drive belt. The two clutches are the:

  1. Golf Cart Drive Clutch (Primary)
  2. Golf Cart Driven Clutch (Secondary)

The drive (primary) clutch connects to the motor crankshaft while the driven (secondary) clutch is bolted onto your cart’s input shaft. The Drive Clutch & Driven Clutch then work in tandem to smoothly propel your golf cart forward when the accelerator pedal is pressed. These same clutches also help with smooth deceleration when the cart is in motion and the accelerator pedal is released (even if the brake is not pressed). The clutch takes a lot of abuse over time and can wear out with extended use, causing the need for replacement.


Three things can indicate that your golf cart clutch is going bad:

  1. Your cart’s initial acceleration is jerky
  2. It feels as if power is slipping while your cart is climbing incline terrain/hills
  3. Your cart has varying top-end speed (alternating between fast and slow)

6. Golf Cart Controller

A golf cart controller or golf cart speed controller does exactly what its name implies: controls the speed and power of your golf cart motor. You can almost think of your controller as the heart of your golf cart. And every electric golf cart comes from the factory with a controller. These controllers are typically set to a factory default of power and torque, and cannot be turned up or down (changed) unless modified with chips or programming.

Over time, your golf cart controller may wear and begin to fail. And when it comes time to replace your controller you have a few options

  • Factory replacement controller: Replace your factory unit and get your cart back running 100%
  • Upgrading your controller: This allows you to squeeze more out of your factory golf cart motor.
  • Upgrading your controller AND motor: If you want to go a step even further, you can upgrade your cart's power with an upgraded motor to go with your new upgraded controller as well to make your cart a real beast. 

Your golf cart controller is what controls your golf cart motor. Many times, these units are sold as a motor & controller combo. But electric Golf Cart Motors by themselves also come in at #2 on our list further down as some of the most replaced items on our customers carts:

golf-cart-controller-image-01-gcts.png navitas-on-the-fly-golf-cart-controller-01.png

If you are looking to either replace or upgrade your golf cart controller, the most important thing you can do is think about how your cart gets used most, which will tell you how much power you need out of your controller (and motor):

  1. 200-300 Amp Controller: Perfect for your cart if it will be used for normal rounds or golf or trips around the neighborhood with up to two passengers
    • Controllers this size are normally paired with a small 2hp to 5hp motor
    • This is the typical controller size on 36-Volt Golf Carts
  2. 300-600 Amp Controller (upgraded): Great for carts with a rear seat or cargo bed, or carts that will need to climb steep hills. When carrying four or more passengers/heavy loads, or climbing steep grade, an upgraded controller (and motor) are recommended.
    1. A Controller this size is normally paired with a larger 5hp to 10hp motor
    2. Typical controller size of 48-Volt Golf Carts

Read our helpful article: Everything about Golf Cart Controllers

5. Golf Cart Solenoid

golf cart solenoid is a critical component in your cart's electrical system, acting like a big electric switch between your golf cart batteries and your golf cart starter-generator to make your golf cart move. When you step on the accelerator pedal in your cart, your solenoid first receives a low current signal from your cart's battery. It then closes a set of "contacts" or switches, which completes the circuit from your battery to your motor, allowing electricity flow freely. This makes your cart's motor run and your cart begins to move. When you lift your foot off the pedal, the solenoid stops the electricity from flowing, stopping your motor (and preventing unnecessary power drain).

48v-golf-cart-solenoid-01.png club-car-solenoid-48v-4-terminal-copper-electric-1995-01.png ezgo-solenoid-36v-4-terminal-copper-short-ezgo-resistor-carts-01.png

Solenoids in golf carts are designed to work the entire time you press the pedal down when accelerating/driving. This means solenoids work hard all the time; so they tend to go bad. It’s just a fact of life! Luckily, they aren’t too expensive and we carry golf cart solenoid replacements for all golf carts.

How to check if your golf cart solenoid is bad:

4. Golf Cart Seat Covers

Let's face it, there are lots of butts abusing your golf cart seats! Which makes factory replacement golf cart seat covers one of the most popular golf cart parts purchased on the market. Over time, the sun, rain, use and abuse from getting in and out of your cart all take a major toll on your golf cart seat covers. And while a good set of seats can handle quite a bit of wear and tear, they will eventually fade and degrade.

But when your seat covers do finally give you their last ride, it doesn't mean you need to replace your entire golf cart seat. No way! All you need to do is replace the cover (which is like a jacket for your golf cart seat). And replacing your golf cart seat covers is incredibly easy! Check out our quick video on how to replace factory golf cart seat covers below:


When deciding to replace your factory golf cart seat covers, you can also consider upgrading your seat covers with some custom colored or custom material seat covers!

3. Golf Cart Bodies

Golf cart bodies, or the body panels of your cart's exterior, arguably take more abuse in their life then any other part on your golf cart. Driving through brush, inclement weather, unforeseen obstacles in your path, and many other acts of God (or other bad drivers) all lead to your body panels being damaged or faded over time. But whether your golf cart body is beaten from age, your grand kids crashing your cart, or you simply hate the surface scratches on those 9-year old plastic panels… golf cart bodies are easy to replace. And that is why these parts come in at #3 on our list of most frequently purchased parts by our customers.

When searching for a golf cart body for your cart, keep in mind that you can purchase replacement golf cart bodies or totally custom golf cart body kits depending on the look you are trying to achieve. And while a custom golf cart body kit might cost you a bit more, it is an accessory that can really modernize any older cart:

2. Golf Cart Motor

All golf carts have a motor. But while gas golf carts have a gas engine with an accelerator cable connected to your pedal, an electric golf cart has an Electric Golf Cart Motor with a Motor Controller unit connected to your pedal. Both systems function so that when your cart's pedal is pushed, your motor moves your drive-belt, which moves your golf cart wheels forward. And your golf cart motor works HARD every time you drive your cart, which means they wear out over time. But when properly taken care of, the typical electric golf cart motor can last many, many years (20 to 30+). There are two ways to extend the life of your golf cart motor or engine:

  • Gas Engine Longevity: One thing you can do to extend the life of your current gas motor is give it a nice fresh tune up with a golf cart tune up kit like the ones we sell here on our website .
  • Electric Motor Longevity: To extend the life of your electric golf cart motor, we recommend either keeping your motor paired with your OEM/stock golf cart controller, or upgrading to a high-performance motor-controller combo if you add other accessories to your cart such as a golf cart light kit or golf cart lift kit with larger wheels and tires.

When it comes to electric golf cart motors, many of our customers tend to get confused or find themselves beyond their technical capabilities. And while we are always here to help you over the phone, in general, electric golf cart motors are offered as either a motor alone (just the motor) or as a motor-controller combo like we mentioned earlier in this article:




golf-cart-motor-01.png navitas-golf-cart-motor-5hp-01.png

In this article we are only discussing replacing your factory golf cart motor or controller. Which is pretty easy if you stick to the proper part numbers. But if you are looking for speed and torque upgrades, and to just have more fun overall in with your cart, then you will definitely want to check out our golf cart speed controllers and read our helpful article: Golf Cart Motors, Motor Controllers and Speed Controllers Explained!

And if it's too late to save the motor on your cart; have no fear! We stock hundreds of electric golf cart motor and gas golf cart engine offerings for all EZ-GO, Club Car and Yamaha golf carts. Whether you are looking for a simple replacement motor, or an upgraded high-performance motor to tackle bigger hills and achieve higher top speeds with your cart, we have what you’re looking for.

1. Golf Cart Batteries

All electric golf carts have their golf cart batteries stop working over time. And while they are not the most fun (or cheapest) thing to purchase for your golf cart; golf cart batteries come in at #1 on our list of things our customers replace on their golf cart. And this is because even when properly taken care of, golf cart batteries have a lifespan:

  • Traditional Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries Lifespan: Approximately 6-7 years, on average, with proper maintenance.
  • Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Lifespan: 10 years, on average, with no maintenance.


golf-cart-batteries-trojan-t105-deep-cycle-battery-set-of-6.png.jpg allied-lithium-golf-cart-batteries-48-volt-big-box-kit-001.png big-battery-48v-lithium-golf-cart-batteries-eagl-001.png

Traditional Lead-Acid batteries require maintenance, including watering and cleaning. If you clean your golf cart batteries and check the water level in each battery once per month, you can dramatically increase your battery lifespan. You should also be sure to remove any corrosion promptly when found on your battery terminals.

Lithium golf cart batteries have taken over the golf cart market since the year 2020, and do not require any time of battery maintenance. Lithium batteries also weigh much less (66% less) than traditional lead-acid golf cart batteries. And a lithium golf cart battery can charge up to 80% power in just one hour. Because of all this, lithium batteries have become a fan-favorite (even with a higher up front cost).

Regardless of battery type, after each use of your cart, be sure your cart is properly turned off (with key fully removed). It is also advised that you make sure no lights or other accessories are left on while your cart is parked. And be sure to plug your cart into a golf cart battery charger / maintainer after each use.

And if you're tired of messing with measuring battery-acid / water levels or dealing with long charge-up times, then you'll want to look into replacing your Lead-Acid batteries with an amazing set of Lithium Golf Cart Batteries:

In general, with all batteries it is best to try to avoid routinely carrying heavy loads with your electric golf cart. Putting extra stress on your batteries while hauling heavy items will shorten the life of your batteries. Regardless of how careful you are though, eventually your golf cart's batteries will stop working. It is important that you purchase high-quality replacement batteries that will last you the 7-10 years outlined above… rather than cheap knock-off batteries that can die in just a few years (costing you double over time).

Summing it all Up

While this list walks us through the Top 10 most popular golf cart parts that customers order on our site, there are thousands of parts and accessories out there to choose from! It is important that you purchase your golf cart parts from an experienced professional who will not misguide you (both costing you money and wasting your time). We are always happy to help you with any and all golf cart related questions you might have. And as always: we guarantee your satisfaction.

Happy carting!


Written by: Alex Sturwold. of the Golf Cart Expert Team

Published: 06-05-2023