Top 9 Golf Cart Tires of 2024

Top 9 Golf Cart Tires of 2024

Posted by Alex Sturwold on Apr 02, 2024

No one sells more golf cart tires than we do here at the GCTS. After more than 1,000,000+ tires sold, here’s the Top 9 most popular Golf Cart Tires of 2024!

Usually we do Top 10 lists for most of the product articles we write, but when it comes to tires there are several different tread types so we have broken our list down into a few categories: best golf cart tires for Pavement (street), best All Terrain golf cart tires, and most popular OEM sized golf cart tires.

We have crowned a top 3 in each of these categories. Without further ado, are proud to present the Best Golf Cart Tires on the market in 2024! Our three winners are right here below, but scroll down to check out the full list of all 9 tires. It was hard to choose winners this year!

Best Golf Cart Tires for Pavement

Best Golf Cart Tires for Pavement (Low Profile)

TREX StreetGlide Steel Belted Radial Golf Cart Tires

The smoothest golf cart tire we've ever tested. The new steel belted street and turf radial from TREX.

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Best All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

Best All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

Excel Sahara Classic DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

Proven All Terrain DOT performance from a trusted brand, at an affordable price.

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Best OEM Replacement Golf Cart Tires

Best OEM Replacement Golf Cart Tires

Wanda 18x8.50-8 Turf Golf Cart Tires

Inexpensive and instantly give your cart upgraded driving performance on turf, sand, and loose gravel / trails.

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Best Golf Cart Tires for Pavement

Every year, golf carts continue to get used more and more off the golf course. With many families choosing to use their carts as the primary way to get around their neighborhood. This has lead the golf cart industry to bring better golf cart tires to market each year, and for 2024 we are blown away by the quality of tires that are hitting the market.

One big theme we have been pointing out for 3-years now is that Radial golf cart tires are here, and they are here to STAY.  And that is because radial tires offer two major primary benefits when it comes to your golf cart:

  1. They reduce rolling resistance for better gas mileage / improved torque from your cart.
  2. They have a longer tread life (compared to straight bias ply tires).

So you won't be surprised to see a few radial tires on our list this year! You can learn more about the differences between Radial golf cart tire types by reading our article: Radial vs. Bias Ply Golf Cart Tires Explained.

1. TREX StreetGlide Steel Belted Radial Golf Cart Tires

TREX StreetGlide Radial Golf Cart Tires

We have always been impressed with TREX's industry leading golf cart wheel designs, but for 2024 TREX has finally entered the tire space with their new Radial Only line of golf cart tires. TREX offers both the StreetGlide (low profile) and ComfortGlide (taller cushy profile) Steel Belted radial tires for all golf cart wheel sizes. 

Not only do these tires completely change the ride of your cart to be the smoothest possible, but their radial construction provides reduced rolling resistance and better battery / fuel efficiency for your cart. While most golf carts max out around 25-35mph, the TREX StreetGlide tires have a speed rating of "N", which means these tires can theoretically handle up to 87mph. 

Grab a set of TREX Golf Cart Tires today and get these great qualities:

Tire Features:

  • Steel Belted Radial design allows tire to hold true shape better.
  • Smoothest ride due to tire expanding less during use.
  • Reduced rolling resistance leads to better fuel efficiency (improve golf cart battery drain and gas mileage).
  • Made from industry leading quality gum-rubber.
  • Offered in sizes for 10 inch, 12 inch, and 14 inch wheels.

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2. Excel Street Fox Nylon Radial Golf Cart Tires

Looking for a smooth street ride on your golf cart with a street-car inspired tread pattern? Look no further than the tough Excel Street Fox Radial tires! These tires provide long lasting tread-life and are gentle on turf and grass (turf safe) while giving you the ultimate street traction when you need it. 

The Street Fox is a Nylon Radial (nylon plies) instead of being Steel Belted, meaning that it's not as high performing, but also doesn't cost as much as Steel Belted Radial tires. And the Street Fox will still perform better than basic bias-ply tires for sure! 

Tire Features:

  • Nylon Radial Construction
  • Unique street car / muscle car inspired tread pattern
  • Directional tires
  • Offered in several sizes for 12 inch and 14 inch wheels

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3. Wanda Sport P825 Golf Cart Tires

Why we love the Wanda P825 street sport tires? They're a great value (read: cheap). The rubber quality is excellent! They last a long time for being a bias-ply design (non-radial). 

This is one of the most popular tires on the entire golf cart market, and has been for many years. In fact, most of our low profile  golf cart wheels and tires combos come with this tire mounted on it. 

And customers have been loving them for years. That is because Wanda is a trusted titan in the tire space, and even manufacturers for many OEM brands such as Polaris (RZRs).

Tire Features:

  • Low price, but high quality
  • Industry trusted tread pattern design
  • Non-directional tires
  • Offered in sizes for 10 inch, 12 inch and 14 inch golf cart wheels

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Best All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

1. Excel Sahara Classic DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires


Proven performance from a trusted brand, the Excel Sahara Classic All Terrain DOT golf cart tire has earned big respect in the golf cart industry over the past 20 years. If you need tires that can do it all, from the trail, to the beach, to the neighborhood and beyond then the Excel Sahara Classic will get the job done.

The Sahara classic has more aggressive directional outer tread blocks in order to provide traction and grab extra grip on loose-terrain for your cart. The zig-zag pattern of the center contact patch provides a long-wear life, and offers DOT approval for this tire which means you can use it on the street as well. 

The only drawback to the Sahara Classic is that it isn't turf safe. But with a huge range of tire sizes to choose from for all golf cart wheel sizes, we are sure you'll love having these on any cart.

Tire Features:

  • Industry proven tread pattern.
  • DOT Approved All Terrain Tire (safe for the street).
  • Tons of sizes offered, from 18" all the way to 23" tall.

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2. Wanda P3026 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

Wanda has been making amazing all terrain golf cart tires for more than 15 years now. Their P3026 DOT Approved All Terrain Golf Cart Tires have been a staple on our website since 2014, and with good reason: quality. 

One of the best things about the P3026 is that it has a non-directional tread pattern, meaning they are versatile when you need to replace them. They are offered for the widest range of golf cart wheel sizes on the market (from 8 inch wheels up to 15 inch wheels), and offered in heights from non-lifted 18" tall tires all the way up to a 23" tall version for your lifted cart.

Tire Features:

  • Tried and tested tread pattern (over 15 years old)
  • DOT Approved design (street approved)
  • Non-directional tire
  • Offered in sizes for 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, and 15 inch golf cart wheels

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3. GTW Nomad Steel Belted Radial All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

GTW really knocked it out of the park with their truck inspired NOMAD golf cart tires... and with good reason! This tread pattern is similar to the Wanda STINGER and the Madjax Timberwolf tire styles, but the big difference is that GTW offers it in a longer-wearing and smoother riding Steel Belted Radial construction. 

While these tires do cost more than other non-radial (bias ply) All Terrain tires, the GTW Nomad gives an incredibly smooth ride on the street and brings aggressive performance (and looks) when you need them.

Tire Features:

  • Steel Belted Radial DOT approved All Terrain tire
  • Off-road golf cart tire tread pattern that is truck world inspired
  • Made in sizes for 12 inch, 14 inch and 15 inch golf cart wheels

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Top Selling OEM Sized Golf Cart Tires

The best selling factory sized replacement golf cart tires on our website for the year 2024 are below. While not all of these tires are OEM sawtooth tread pattern, these are the tires that customers are purchasing the most in the 18x8.50-8 tire size for 2024.

1. Wanda 18x8.50-8 Turf Golf Cart Tires

When replacing your basic factory sawtooth style  18x8.50-8 golf cart tires, many of our customers decide to use the opportunity to upgrade their tread pattern / style a bit to gain extra performance. When replacing your factory OEM sized golf cart tires, the best part about going with an upgraded tread option in the same size as OEM is that you won't need to modify your cart at all to get the benefits of using these tire styles!

The Wanda 18x8.5-8 Turf Golf Cart Tires are the perfect option for this. Our customers love this performance turf tire for a number of reasons, but mostly because they are inexpensive and instantly give your cart upgraded driving performance on turf, sand, and loose gravel / trails. 

The best part is, the 18" Wanda Turf golf cart tires still maintain the same performance on the street and golf course that you expect from your factory sized sawtooth style tires.

Tire Features:

  • Fits on ALL golf carts
  • Provides enhanced performance on turf, grass, gravel and sand compared to OEM tires
  • Inexpensive replacement for factory 18x8.50-8 golf cart tires

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2. Slasher RXAL 18x8-8 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires

All Terrain versatility in a non-aggressive and OEM sized package. The RXAL has been one of the best sellers on our website every single year. That is because it is high quality, low priced, and delivers more performance than basic sawtooth golf cart tires for about the same price. 

While slightly more aggressive looking than the 18" Turf Tires that came in first place on our list, these tires still ride very smooth on the street and on grass. Most importantly, the provide an incredible ride for their size on gravel, grass and on trails in the woods.

Tire Features:

  • Fits on ALL golf carts (OEM sized)
  • Unlocks new potential for your cart on gravel, trails and tall grass
  • Inexpensive replacement for OEM 18x8.5-8 golf cart tires

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3. 18x8.50-8 Kenda Hole-N-1 Sawtooth Golf Cart Tires

A true classic golf cart tire intended to keep country club grass in shape and offering solid traction on the asphalt.

The Kenda Hole-N-1 tire is the industry standard when it comes to OEM Golf Cart Tires. This is a strong and long lasting tire that provides a gentle touch on turf (turf safe) and gives you the grip you need in wet and dry weather situations. Rides smooth

This tire comes stock from the factory on many Yamaha and Club Car model golf carts. Fits all 8" golf cart wheels (OEM size).

Tire Features:

  • 815 lbs. load capacity from Kenda
  • OEM factory replacement tire
  • Industry leading 18x8.5-8 golf cart tire for 20+ years

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Summing it All Up

There are so many different styles you can go with when it comes to golf cart tires. And on top of that, there are so many different tire heights can fit on your cart as well. This is what makes buying tires for your cart fun, but also slightly harder since you have options. The best thing we can suggest is following these four rules when it comes to buying golf cart tires:

  1. Decided if you want Street style tires or All Terrain tires
  2. Next, choose whether you want your cart to be lifted or non-lifted
  3. Decide if you want newer style Radial Tires or classic Bias-Ply tires
  4. Choose a trusted brand and your favorite tread pattern

It's as easy as that! We are always here to help you choose new  golf cart tires or golf cart wheels and tires for your cart. The Golf Cart Tire Supply is your home for the best products to outfit your cart for life's adventures.

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Written by Alex Sturwold

Alex Sturwold is the President of Golf Cart Tire Supply, and founder of the Golf Cart Sellers marketplace. Alex is a lifelong gearhead and vehicle expert, bringing over two decades of practical experience to GCTS including serving major industrial companies, such as Carlisle, during his years as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch. A resident of beautiful Arizona, Alex enjoys hitting the trails in side-by-sides, hiking, shooting guns and driving anything with a motor strapped to it. You can find him on LinkedIn