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Yamaha Golf Cart Throttle Cable

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  • Yamaha G2/ G8/ G9/ G11 Throttle Cable - Pedal to Governor 63 5/8" (For Gas Carts)

  • Yamaha G2/ G8/ G9/ G11/ G14 Throttle Cable - Governor to Carburetor 21 3/4" (For Gas Carts)

  • Yamaha DRIVE/ G29 Throttle Cable - 23 1/4 (For 2007+)

  • Yamaha G14/G16/G22 Gas Golf Cart Throttle Cable

  • Yamaha G19-G22 Throttle Sensor (For 48V Electric)

  • Yamaha G29/ DRIVE Throttle Sensor

  • Yamaha G14-G16 Golf Cart 36-Volt Throttle Sensor (For 36V Electric)

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