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Yamaha Golf Cart Models

Yamaha Golf Cart Models

Because Yamaha offers many different new golf cart models today, it can be difficult to understand which one might make the most sense for you. And when you include all production models Yamaha has made over their golf cart production history, it can be tough to find a list of all Yamaha golf cart models by year online.

No worries, we will get right to the meat and potatoes of outlining all Yamaha Golf Cart Models below! 

If you're instead looking to figure out the year and model of your Yamaha Cart, please read: What Year is my Yamaha Golf Cart?


Current Yamaha Golf Cart Models

For the 2023 model year, Yamaha Offers two golf cart models, The Drive2 and the UMAX. There are several versions of each cart depending on the price point and use you are looking for. We discuss the UMAX models at the very end of this page because it is primarily a Utility Golf Cart. Yamaha's current personal golf cart model lineup for 2023 is:


Drive2 PTV

yamaha-drive2-ptv-golf-cart-01.png yamaha-drive2-ptv-golf-cart-002.png


The Yamaha Drive-2 PTV (personal transportation vehicle) is Yamaha's latest luxury neighborhood cruiser. The PTV version of the Drive comes with all the power and capability of the fleet (golf course) version of the cart, but gets extra accessories for high quality use off the course including:

Drive2 Fleet

yamaha-drive2-fleet-golf-cart-01.png yamaha-drive2-fleet-golf-cart-002.png


The Drive-2 Fleet golf cart is Yamaha's commercial offering for golf courses. These carts are great for a round of 18-holes, and when upgraded with the proper golf cart accessories these carts make amazing neighborhood cruisers as well!

Drive2 Adventurer Sport 2+2

yamaha-adventurer-sport2-2-golf-cart-01.png yamaha-adventurer-sport2-2-golf-cart-002.png

The new Adventurer Sport 2+2 is a factory lifted, highly capable version of the Drive2 from Yamaha. This cart is as comfortable driving up long bumpy gravel roads as it is dropping kids off at baseball practice or school. The Adventurer Sport 2+2 takes the already great Yamaha Drive-2 and makes it unlocks even more of it's potential.

Drive2 Concierge-4

yamaha-concierge-4-golf-cart-01.png yamaha-concierge-4-golf-cart-02.png

The Drive2 Concierge-4 golf cart was built with hospitality in mind. Whether picking up VIPs at a private airport, or escorting guests on a factory tour, this Concierge model with 4 forward-facing seats will impress any and all passengers. With a smooth, quiet ride, and the widest, most comfortable seats in the industry, this vehicles definitely impresses.

Drive2 Conciege-6

yamaha-concierge-6-golf-cart-01.png yamaha-concierge-6-golf-cart-002.png

The Drive2 Concierge-6 golf cart was also built with hospitality in mind. It is the same great cart as the Concierge-4, but with 6 forward-facing seats!



Historical Yamaha Golf Cart Models by Year

 These are the Primary (marquee) Model Carts offered in Yamaha's Lineup over the years. There are several sub-models in the Yamaha Golf Cart Lineup as well, which are at the very end of this list.

Yamaha G1

Production Years: 1979 - 1986


The Yamaha G1 was the first golf cart model ever produced by Yamaha. Known for its 2-stroke engine, the G1 model was a leap forward in the golf cart industry from a growing conglomerate.

Yamaha G2/G9

Production Years: 1985 - 1995


Yamaha G2/G9 models, which were the successors to the G1, became popular for their improved performance and stability. They introduced a larger, fuller body design and a reliable 4-stroke engine.

Yamaha G8

Production Years: 1990 - 1994



The Yamaha G8, often considered a transition model, offered more space and comfort compared to the Yamaha G1 and G2 while maintaining the 4-stroke engine.

Yamaha G11

Production Years: 1996 - 2000

The Yamaha G11 was designed with significant improvements to the outgoing G9. It offered more comfort and higher performance with continued the use of the latest Yamaha 4-stroke engine. The cart also added new features for enhanced utility and convenience for the modern playscape.

Yamaha G16/ G19/ G20

Production Years: 1996 - 2002


The next models in the G-Series production were the G16, G19, and G20. These carts brought modern design language for Yamaha and lead to some of the body-lines we still see in Yamaha carts today. The G19 model also stood out with the introduction of electric power.

Yamaha G22

Production Years: 2003 - 2006


The Yamaha G22 was incredibly commercially successful. This gas version of this cart offered significant power advancements over its predecessors thanks to a new 357cc engine. Seating upgrades gave riders more comfort. And Yamaha continued to deliver on reliability with the G22.

Yamaha G29/YDR "Yamaha Drive"

Production Years: 2007 - 2016

The G29, also known as YDR or "The Drive", was a breakthrough in Yamaha's golf cart design. This is the best selling Yamaha golf cart of all time. It offered a smoother ride quality with better energy efficiency in the electric models. The G29 model also stood out for its innovative storage and stylish body lines. This cart model also has the most robust offering of aftermarket golf cart accessories of any Yamaha model produced.

Yamaha Drive-2

Production Years: 2017 - 2023

The Drive2 is the latest model from Yamaha, and continued to build off the amazing success of the G29 / Drive. These carts come with refinements and new modern features straight from the factory. Yamaha offers both gas and electric versions of this model, and for the first time ever offers this cart with Lithium Golf Cart Batteries. The Drive-2 is also renowned for its industry-leading features including an independent rear suspension and automotive-style dash.


Yamaha Golf Cart Model Variants

The Adventurer

The Adventurer is a sub-model (variant) of various Yamaha golf carts offered over the years. The Adventurer series is factory lifted golf cart which typically includes more rugged, utility-forward features in mind for the off-road user. These carts are intended for heavier-duty tasks and are built to handle tougher terrain compared to the standard Yamaha golf cart models they were based on. They are often used on outdoor worksites, at farms, or any place where a traditional (non-lifted) golf cart might not be quite enough.

Yamaha had several versions of Adventurer models, available in both gasoline and electric versions:

Yamaha Adventurer One

Production Years: 2009 - 2018

The Yamaha Adventurer One is designed for extra utility and ruggedness. This model has a substantial cargo bed and is intended for heavy-duty work, making it more than just a golf cart.

Yamaha Adventurer Two

Production Years: 2010 - 2018

The Adventurer Two builds on the strengths of the Adventurer One, but with an even larger cargo capacity. It's perfect for those who need to transport heavy items around large properties or facilities.

Yamaha Adventurer Sport 2+2

Production Years: 2017+

The Adventurer Sport 2+2 is designed for both utility and passenger transport. With its extended seating, it can comfortably carry up to four passengers, while still offering substantial cargo space for equipment or supplies.

The Yamaha UMAX

The UMAX is another sub-model of Yamaha Golf Carts, which are beefier utility vehicles similar to the Adventurer line but with additional features and more capabilities.

  1. Design and Features: The UMAX series typically came with more ergonomic and comfort-oriented seats and features. Some UMAX models feature automotive-style dashes, larger storage spaces, and wider, more comfortable seats.

  2. Performance: UMAX models may offer a slightly enhanced performance due to improvements in engine and suspension technology. They are generally known for their smooth ride and handling, regardless of the terrain.

  3. Payload Capacity: UMAX models typically offer larger payload capacities, making them suitable for carrying heavier loads than The Adventurer series.

Yamaha UMAX One

Production Years: 2019+


The UMAX One is a utility cart known for its impressive cargo capabilities. It features a large bed and is often used in work settings that require heavy or large equipment transportation.

Yamaha UMAX Two

Production Years: 2019+


The UMAX Two is an enhanced version of the UMAX One, offering additional features and greater hauling capabilities. It's designed for those needing even more storage and transportation capacity.

Yamaha UMAX Rally

Production Years: 2019+


The UMAX Rally is a robust and rugged utility vehicle. It is designed for off-road capabilities with its lifted suspension and all-terrain tires, ideal for handling tough terrains and heavy-duty tasks.

Yamaha UMAX Rally 2+2

Production Years: 2019+


The UMAX Rally 2+2 extends the capabilities of the UMAX Rally by adding additional seating. It can carry up to four passengers, making it a versatile choice for both work and leisure use.

Yamaha UMAX Bistro

Production Years: 2019+


The UMAX Bistro adds food-service functionality into the UMAX lineup. This cart features hot and cold food storage in the cargo area. It can carry two passengers, and is used by golf course food cart service staff worldwide.

Yamaha UMAX Range Pickup

Production Years: 2019+



The UMAX Range pickup is designed as a traditional golf cart driving range ball collection unit, with a full safety cage to protect the driver from flying golf balls while driving on an active range.


This completes the entire history of Yamaha golf cart production models. If you have any questions about your particular Yamaha golf cart, or any Yamaha golf cart parts available for it then please give us a call at 1-844-422-7884!


Current as of: 5/31/2023

Written By: Alex Sturwold of the Golf Cart Expert Team

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