Everything About Golf Cart Seats and Golf Cart Rear Seats

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Adding a golf cart rear seat kit or a set of custom golf cart seat cushions to your cart are two of the most popular things our customers do! But with so many options on the market, and so many different levels of quality and cost, it is important to learn a bit about golf cart seats before you take the leap and purchase new seating for your cart. Today, we'll walk you through everything there is to know about golf cart rear seats, golf cart front seats, golf cart seat cushions and seat covers, and golf cart seat belts so that you can make the best decision when purchasing any of these items for your cart.

Factory Golf Cart Seating

Most course used golf carts come from the factory with 2-passenger front seats in a “bench-style” design. These seats typically come in basic factory colors such as tan, white, stone or black. Because golf carts are used for golfing, they feature a bagwell storage area located behind the front seats where clubs are stowed during a round of golf. This area typically has space to strap in two full-size golf bags, and has a small storage basket directly behind the front seats (to hold your personal items).

Modern Golf Cart Seat Use

Modern golf carts are used for so much more than just a round of golf. And when a golf cart finishes its life on the local golf course, it typically begins a much more exciting second life in the real world! Golf carts these days are used at lake houses, race tracks, around neighborhoods, at concert venues and for any other use you can dream up for them. And effectively using golf carts for these types of activities (outside of golf) demands more seating capacity. This means golf cart owners typically want to replace their rear bagwell space with additional seating so they can carry more passengers (or cargo). And many golf cart owners want to use the opportunity of buying new seats as a change to give their cart an additional bit of style as well!

Because of this, it will come as no surprise that golf cart rear seat kits and custom golf cart seats are one of the most popular golf cart accessories purchased on the market. We sell more golf cart back seats and front seats than anyone else on the internet, so allow us teach you everything you could ever want to know about golf cart seats, seat cushions and rear seats!

Golf Cart Seat Purchase Considerations

When it comes to choosing a golf cart rear seat kit, custom golf cart front seats or rear seats, factory replacement seats, or any type of golf cart seat covers (both front or rear) for your golf cart, there are a few things to consider up front:

  • How Many Passengers: Are you looking to carry extra passengers and/or haul cargo with your cart? If so, then you need a rear seat if you don't already have one installed on your cart. If not, then a set of custom golf cart front seats might be for you. 
  • Factory Color or Something More Wild: Are you looking to maintain the factory look and color of your golf cart seats? Or do you want a totally custom set of seats on the front and/or rear of your cart?
  • Factory or Custom Look: Are you simply looking to replace your old damaged factory front seat cushions (foam padding part) or factory seat covers (the colored vinyl)? Or would you like custom patterns and colors on your seats or a totally custom contoured automotive style seat cushion for your cart?

If you don’t know the answer to any of these yet, or you are still trying to decide which direction to go with your golf cart seat setup that's okay! You’re in the right place and you have many options; from mild, to wild. Below we will discuss some common things to think about before you upgrade your golf cart seats or add a golf cart rear seat kit to your cart.

Golf Cart Rear Seats

Following only golf cart wheels and tires, the second most popular golf cart accessory sold on the market is the golf cart rear seat kit. A golf cart back seat replaces the bagwells on the rear of your cart with a rear-facing seat. This rear golf cart seat is nearly identical to the one on the front of your cart, but typically features a slightly smaller backrest. Best of all, this new additional seat allows your cart to carry up to four passengers (five, or six if they are young kids)!

Golf cart rear seats will also allow you to carry cargo, because almost all modern golf cart rear seat kits have a “folding” function allowing them to fold down into a useful cargo bed when you’re not carrying extra passengers:

golf-cart-rear-seat-cargo-bed-01.jpg(Pictured Above: Golf Cart Rear Seat folding cargo bed function. This makes hauling coolers, fire wood and other heavy items a breeze!)

Once the cargo bed is folded up (retracted), you have a perfect rear seating place for your passengers!

golf-cart-rear-seat-cargo-bed-02.jpg(Pictured above: Rear Seats are revealed once the cargo bed is flipped into the "folded-up position")

In addition to a folding / flip cargo function, your golf cart back seat kit will likely include or offer a few other very helpful rear seat accessory items:

  • Golf Cart Rear Seat Armrest Cushions / Cupholders: These rear seat golf cart armrest cup holders are one of the most popular add on items our customers buy for their carts. They offer padded protection and comfort for your elbows and give your family and friends a place to put their refreshments (or a spot for the grandkids to place their drinks while riding).
  • Golf Cart Grab Bar (Rear Safety Grab Bar): A golf cart grab bar is also known as a “rear safety bar”. This bar gives your rear-facing passengers something to hold onto while riding on the back of your cart – since gravity is working against them each time you accelerate! Some golf cart rear seats (like many the ones we sell on our site) include this golf cart grab bar / rear safety grab bar, while others charge extra for it. Either way, we highly recommend adding a rear grab bar to your cart for rider safety.
  • Golf Cart Seat Belts: Golf cart seat belts have become increasingly popular over the past decade as more people use their carts on the street. Seat belts are very easy to add to any rear seat kit or to all seats on your cart. Golf cart seat belts are a smart investment to protect your riders, yourself, and your pocketbook.

Golf Cart Rear Seat Armrest cushions / cupholders:


Golf Cart Grab Bar (Rear Safety Grab Bar):


Golf Cart Seat Belt:


One of the great things about purchasing a rear seat kit is that most kits are color-matched to your factory front seats. This ensures your cart will look uniform and professionally done (like it came that way from the factory). If you look at all of the images above you can see how the black vinyl seat covers included with the aftermarket rear seat kit on the Yamaha Drive (G29) cart in the pictures perfectly match the front black seat covers on the cart. Nice!

But some of our customers want something a bit more custom than just a factory color matching rear seat kit. So let’s walk through all of the custom possibilities out there when it comes to both front and rear custom golf cart seats.

Custom Golf Cart Seats

Following rear seat kits, the next most popular thing our customers search for when it comes to seating for their cart are custom golf cart seat cushions and golf cart seat covers. People tend to get these two confused, but the primary difference between golf cart seat covers and golf cart seat cushions is:

  • Golf Cart Seat Covers: Seat covers are the the vinyl (colored) material that covers the golf cart seat foam. Golf Cart Seat Covers simply cover your existing factory cushion, giving your cart a quick and easy custom look. They are easily installed by removing your old factory seat covers, and then stapling the new covers onto the backside of your factory seat foam. 
  • Golf Cart Seat Cushions: These are totally custom entire seat cushions (foam) with custom covers installed on-top of them. Custom golf cart seat cushions have specially designed contoured foam with special bolster shapes designed for comfort. Many custom golf cart seat cushions have a high-quality automotive styling element to them. 

We carry both front and rear seat custom cushions and front and rear simple seat covers that can instantly give your cart a fresh look (on any budget). We also carry factory replacement seat covers and seat cushions.

Custom Golf Cart Seat Covers: the Budget Friendly Option

Custom staple-over golf cart seat covers reuse your existing seat cushions (as long as your foam is in good condition) for an affordable and easy way to give your cart a semi-custom look. Seat covers come in many unique colors and patterns, and staple directly over your seat factory seat cushions. While custom seat covers won’t change the shape (or comfort) of your factory seats, their bright/fresh material will give new life to your old golf cart seats! Many customers go this route to get the most bang for their buck on their cart when going for a custom appearance.

golf-cart-seat-covers-001.jpg golf-cart-seat-covers-002.jpg

Totally Custom Golf Cart Seat Cushions (with Covers)

If you want to get a full custom look on your golf cart (no matter how old or new it is) and truly upgrade the comfort of your golf cart seats with wider bolsters, taller seat-backs and high-quality cover materials then you will want to go the route of custom seat cushions with covers.

golf-cart-seat-cushions-golf-cart-seat-covers-03.jpg golf-cart-seat-cushions-custom-lazy-life-seat-cushions-gcts-01.png golf-cart-seat-cushions-custom-lazy-life-seat-cushions-gcts-02.png

Custom golf cart seat cushions are typically designed to give a sporty or classy custom look to your cart, while providing additional comfort when compared to factory seats. These seat covers come in a wide variety of cushion shapes and thicknesses as well as material types ranging from vinyl to full high-quality Italian leather.

Custom seat cushions are more affordable than you might think, but depending on the seat cover materials you desire for your cart the price can quickly move upwards. When selecting custom golf cart seat cushions, it is important you choose one of the industry's best brands, some of which include:

  • Lazy Life Golf Cart Seats: Great custom automotive quality cushions and stitching, endless finish options. More expensive than other brands. Made in the USA!
  • Suite Seats: Custom styling with contoured bolsters, high quality. Middle of the road pricing. Made in the USA!
  • DoubleTake Seat Cushions: Lower pricing, great custom look. Made in the USA!

Factory Replacement Seat Covers (Make Basic Seats Great Again)

If your seat covers have faded or begun peeling due to age and wear-and-tear then ordering new factory covers can be the quickest and cheapest way to breathe new life into your golf cart. As long as your seat cushion foam is in good shape, you can simply replace your seat covers with a new factory colored set and get a totally refreshed look on your cart!

ezgo-txt-golf-cart-seat-cover-tan-front-back-01.jpg club-car-ds-seat-covers-buff-1982-thru-2000-factory-seat-back-and-bottom-003.png

Factory Replacement Seat Cushions

If the factory foam on your cart seats is torn, shredded, or otherwise in terrible shape then it is time to replace it. It's imperative that you have seat foam that is in good condition in order for your seat covers to fit right / look right, and in order for your rider comfort to be at the highest level possible. Luckily, seat foam cushion is cheap and easy to replace.

club-car-ds-buff-seat-back-assembly-fits-1979-1999-gcts-001.png club-car-ds-white-seat-back-assembly-fits-1979-1999-gcts-01.jpg club-car-precedent-beige-seat-bottom-assembly-fits-2004-up-gcts-01.jpg

Make Your Golf Cart Seat Selection!

If you’re looking to upgrade the seating situation on your cart, you have some choices to make up front. But once you have an idea of what you’d like for your cart, it’s time to start browsing! Just click one of the categories below to get started:

  1. Golf Cart Rear Flip Seat Kits
  2. Golf Cart Seat Covers
  3. Golf Cart Seat Cushions
  4. Golf Cart Front Seat

Because golf carts are used at low speeds and off-road (at the golf course) their seats do not typically feature seat belts. They also do not feature arm-rests. So be sure to keep that in mind as well while you decide on your golf cart seat setup!


Written by: Alex Sturwold of the Golf Cart Expert Team

Updated: 5-11-2023