Top 10 Golf Cart Wheels of 2024

Top 10 Golf Cart Wheels of 2024

Posted by Alex Sturwold on Apr 22, 2024

We sell more golf cart wheels and tires here at the GCTS than anyone else in the United States of America. How did we get here? We research and test our products, and have made it our job to educate our customers so they can get what they really want and what works for their cart. We never push any one brand, style or fad. And just like you love your hobbies, we love what we do every day!

After more than 1,000,000+ wheels sold since 2014, here’s the Top 10 most popular Golf Cart Wheels of 2024.

Collage of Best Golf Cart Wheels 2024

When it comes to golf cart wheels, you can mount them on tons of different tread styles and tire sizes... so to keep things simple we have organized our list by the most popular wheel (so you can ignore the tires they are mounted on). However, most of the time we are showing you the most popular tire our customers buy with each wheel style as well.

This year, we have seen so many new and awesome 12” and 14” Golf Cart wheels hit the market! And a couple incredibly popular classic 10” styles have also made the list. We are so excited about the quality that brands like TREX, Madjax, GTW and SGC have been putting forth. Wheels and tires for golf carts have just never looked better! 

The data is in. Narrowing the massive catalog of wheels on our site down to just a list of 10 is not easy. And every single person on Earth has different taste than one another. So to get our list, we mix a bit of historical sales with current hottest / best sellers you guys are loving (buying) like crazy. We shake that all up, and out comes the results! And now, for one of the most exciting lists we put out each year: the Top 10 Golf Cart Wheels of 2024:

Best Golf Cart Wheels of 2024

10. 12" ATLAS Golf Cart Wheels

12 inch ATLAS Golf Cart Wheels and 215/40-12 Golf Cart Tires Combo

TREX has been churning out industry leading golf cart wheel designs since 2016. The company prides itself on creating "QUALITY ONLY" in its product offering. While the ATLAS Golf Cart Wheels hit the market back in 2019 in the 10 inch size, in 2021 they began being offered in the 12 inch golf cart wheel size due to popular demand. We've heard a 14 inch size is on the way too!  

Not only do these wheels completely change the look of any golf cart, but we can't help to notice they have a Toyota Offroad feeling to them, which makes them even COOLER to us (and our customers). 

Wheel Features:

  • 3+4 Negative Offset (good for use with both street tires or all terrain)
  • 7-Spoke Offroad inspired concave design
  • Offered in three great finishes: High-gloss Black (pictured), Machined/ Black, or Machined/ Gunmetal
  • Cast from industry leading quality aluminum
  • Offered in 10 inch and 12 inch wheel sizes (14 inch coming soon).

Product Details

9. 10" HD3 Golf Cart Wheels

10 inch HD3 Machined/ Black Golf Cart Wheels and 205/50-10 golf cart tires combo

The HD3 is a classic wheel style that has been around for more than 10 years now. And that is because this design is aging like a fine wine. In fact, the design is so good that the newer 14 inch version of this golf cart wheel almost made our list this year as well! 

The HD3 provides an automotive motorsport inspired look, and gives any cart upgraded style points (even if you had factory 10" or 12" wheels). This wheel is known for amazing quality and machining, lightweight construction and good looks.  

Wheel Features:

  • 10" size, offers a variety of tires to pair with it
  • Unique inner step-lip, adds depth to the wheel design 
  • 8-spoke motorsport styling
  • Offered in 10 inch (pictured), 12 inch and 14 inch wheels sizes
  • Available in two awesome finishes: Machined/ Black (pictured), and Full Gloss Black

Product Details

8. 14" HORNET Golf Cart Wheels

14 inch HORNET Golf Cart Wheels and 205/30-14 Golf Cart Tires Combo

All new from Steeleng's BEAST line for 2024 is the multi-spoke 14" HORNET golf cart wheels. These wheels feature a multi-dimensional design with a step lip that is sure to get your neighbors to notice.

We love what Steeleng is doing with some of their new wheel designs for this year.  A welcome refresh to their classic line of wheels we have been offering for 10-years.

Wheel Features:

  • Multi-spoke, multi-dimensional design
  • Offered in two finishes: Machined/Black or Gloss Black (pictured)
  • Only offered in 14" size at this time (unfortunately)

Product Details

7. 14" BRAVO Golf Cart Wheels

14 inch GTW BRAVO Golf Cart Wheels and 22x11-14 Golf Cart Tires Combo

Introduced to the market in early 2023, the 14" BRAVO wheel from GTW has proven itself very popular with golf cart owners across America. We're happy to see GTW continue to step up its design game .

The only drawback to the Sahara Classic is that it isn't turf safe. But with a huge range of tire sizes to choose from for all golf cart wheel sizes, we are sure you'll love having these on any cart.

Tire Features:

  • Multi-spoke, multi-dimensional design
  • Offered in three distinct finishes: Matte Bronze (pictured), Matte Black, Matte Grey, or Matte Recon
  • Only offered in 14" and 15" wheel sizes

Product Details

6. 14" RALLY Golf Cart Wheels

The 14" RALLY golf cart wheels are the perfect mixture of sporty automotive styling and truck wheel toughness all at once. This is why these wheels are so popular on both street tires and all terrain tires alike! 

These beautiful 14 inch Machined / Black RALLY wheels have long spokes with intricate 'Y' shaped machining details over gloss black paint that really gives them a pop in any type of lighting. The six spokes are spider like in shape, and look aggressive but clean in person.

Wheel Features:

  • Sport Automotive styling meets truck world influence
  • Available in several finishes: Black/ Machined, Full Gloss Black, Gunmetal/ Machined
  • Offered in 12 inch and 14 inch wheel size

Product Details

5. 12" VULCAN Golf Cart Wheels

12 inch VULCAN Gloss Black Golf Cart Wheels  12 inch VULCAN Machined/ Black Golf Cart Wheels

TREX absolutely knocked it out of the park with their new 12" VULCAN golf cart wheels. Available in two beautiful finishes, the first batch we got in sold out in under one week. This wheel style is completely unique and reminds us of flames for some reason, and we love it.

We would like to see TREX offer this in more sizes, but for now we are happy it is available in 12 inches. If you want to bring an aggressive, but refined look to your golf cart. Look no further than the all new 12 inch VULCAN golf cart wheels.

Wheel Features:

  • Totally unique design, brand new for 2024
  • Aggressive styling, reminds us of fire
  • 3 distinct finishes, Gloss Black, Metallic Bonze and Gunmetal / Machined
  • Currently offered in 12 inch size only

4. 14" STALKER Golf Cart Wheels

14 inch STALKER golf cart wheels and 23x10-14 golf cart tires combo

The STALKER golf cart wheel from Steeleng has been incredibly popular since 2014. And the  12" STALKER golf cart wheels and tires have been a best seller on our site for years. But since Steeleng re-released the wheel in a new 14" size last year, our customers (and us too) have been obsessed with this badass truck-style 14 inch golf cart wheel! With a full gloss black face and spokes and chrome rivets around the edges, you are sure to stand out with a set of STALKER wheels on your cart.

Wheel Features:

  • Trusted and popular design, in a brand new size
  • Only available in gloss black finish 
  • Available in 12" and 14" sizes. No 10" offered.

Product Details

3. 12" BLACKJACK Golf Cart Wheels

12 inch Blackjack Bronze Golf Cart Wheels and 23x10.5-12 golf cart tires combo

The Blackjack golf cart wheel has been at number one on the list for 6 years running. The only reason it has fallen back to number 3 on our list this year is because new styles from TREX are starting to push the market in an entirely new direction. 

Offered in either High-Gloss Black or Gloss Metallic Bronze finishes, the BLACKJACK wheel has been a STUNNER on our customers carts for the past 8 years now. And it isn’t going anywhere, any time soon.

Wheel Features:

  • Unique 8-spoke design, with four larger spokes and four "arrowhead" spokes in between
  • Available in two beautiful finishes: Gloss Metallic Bronze (pictures) and Gloss Black
  • Only available in 12" size 

Product Details

2. 14" SPARTAN Ball Milled Golf Cart Wheels

14 inch SPARTAN Golf Cart Wheels and 205/30-14 Golf Cart Tires Combo

As TREX says on their company website, get your cart ready for battle on the street with the incredibly bold 14" SPARTAN Gloss Black/Milled golf cart wheels.

These 14 inch SPARTAN wheels are some of the most eye catching golf cart wheels we have seen on the market. And that is due to their "milled" CNC finish on all of the silver bits you see on the wheel. This leads to incredibly bright machined aluminum pieces sitting over gloss black paint. You can just tell in person that these wheels look expensive. 

And while the TREX SPARTAN Milled wheels do cost slightly more than regular machined wheels, they also look more elegant than regular machined wheels, and sit a level above what regular golf cart wheels do. So if you you want your cart to stand out from your neighbors, you don't need to look any further than these wheels.

Wheel Features:

  • Milled aluminum details give an insane pop 
  • Unique design with high attention to detail on finishes
  • Available in 12" and 14" sizes
  • Only available in one finish currently, which is Gloss Black w/ Milled

Product Details

1. 12" MAVERICK Golf Cart Wheels

12 inch Maverick Gloss Black Golf Cart Wheels and 215/40-12 Golf Cart Tires  12 inch MAVERICK Metallic Bronze Golf Cart Wheels and 23x10-14 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Combo

You're probably surprised a 14 inch sized wheel did not come in first place on our list this year. But the absolute undisputed champion of the golf cart wheels and tires world right now are the 12" MAVERICK golf cart wheels. The MAVERICK has taken the industry by storm since 2019, with its insane truck-inspired good looks, two classic finishes that match the Blackjack series (High-Gloss Black and Metallic Bronze). 

This wheel is also now offered in 14” size as well (pictured above 14" Metallic Bronze), but it is not currently selling faster than the 12" wheels size is! We can't keep these MAVERICK wheels on our shelves. And we expect them all to be insanely popular in the year to come as well.

Wheel Features:

  • Uniform flared 6-spoke design
  • Concave wheel shape gives the overall design extra depth  
  • Comes in two finishes: Metallic Bronze or High-Gloss Black 
  • Available in 12" and 14" sizes

Product Details

Shop the Most Popular Golf Cart Wheels

With so many styles of golf cart wheels available on the market, it can be hard to choose the best ones for your cart. Our number one piece of advice is just choose what you like best, and don't worry about what the market is saying! Wheel fads come and go over time, but we here at the Golf Cart Tire Supply make it our priority to only bring you the best wheel designs from trusted companies who have been around the block. We are authorized retailers of the largest golf cart accessories brands on the market. So you know you're always shopping popular golf cart wheel styles you can actually trust. 

It's as easy as that! We are always here to help you choose new golf cart tires or golf cart wheels and tires for your cart. The Golf Cart Tire Supply is your home for the best products to outfit your cart for life's adventures. Call or chat with us any time!

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