Golf Cart Lift Kit Types Explained

Posted by Alex Sturwold on Aug 15, 2016

Revised: 7-10-2023

Golf Cart Lift Kits Explained: Different Types and What They Are

We cover what a golf cart lift kit is, different golf cart lift kit types, and lift kit heights!

Have you ever thought of adding bigger, meatier tires to your golf cart or upgrading to larger golf cart wheels? Maybe you’ve dreamt of being able to hang alongside your ATV in the woods or at the lake house; and tackling larger more difficult terrain. Or maybe you want a softer, more cushy ride on a set of taller street comfortride golf cart tires. Whatever the case, chances are if you are going to add LIFTED golf cart wheels and tires to your ride, you know you will need a golf cart lift kit to do it. And we are here to make sure you make the right decision when lifting your golf cart!

There are several different types and heights of golf cart lift kits. In the sections below, we will discuss each of the lift kit types for golf carts, followed by typical lift kit heights and their capabilities. But first we will answer: what is a golf cart lift kit?

A golf cart lift kit is an engineered set of parts you install on your golf cart that boosts the cart's height up giving you an additional 3”, 4”, 5", 6" or 8” of height. Lift kits provide your cart with higher ground clearance (for driving over rough terrain), a wider and more stable riding stance, and the ability to fit offset wheels and larger tires on your cart. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out all of our Club Car Lift KitEZGO Lift KitYamaha Golf Cart Lift Kit offerings.

Golf Cart Lift Kit Types

Drop Spindle Lift Kits

The second most popular of all lift kit types: easy to install, affordable, and utilizes your cart’s standard suspension. Spindle Lift Kits/ “Drop Spindle” Lift Kits replace and increase your cart’s spindle length and size, giving your cart a wider stance and increased stability. The wider stance that Spindle Kits provide also allows you to fit larger “offset wheels” on your golf cart which will open up the possibility of using larger sized (wider and taller) tires on your golf cart as well. Basically, Spindle Lift Kits enable you to add those big custom wheel and tire kits you’ve always wanted on your golf cart, but your ride quality / smoothness will remain similar to factory.

We sell Spindle Lift Kits in both economy and heavy-duty styles, depending on how hard you plan on riding your golf cart once it is lifted.

A-Arm Lift Kits

Golf Cart A-Arm lift kits are beefier than Drop Spindle kits and almost entirely replace your golf cart’s front suspension for a smoother and more comfortable ride and the ability to accommodate larger tires than you could on a stock setup. A-Arm lift kits have become the best selling lift kit type on our website since 2021, as people continue to use their golf carts for much more than just a round of golf. Heavy-Duty style A-Arm lift kits feature larger diameter circular-tube construction to give your cart added rigidity (which looks amazing as well).

A-Arm kits are easy to install, and dollar-for-dollar, give you the best performance for the price.

Drop Axle Lift Kits

Drop Axle lift kits are a great economy lift kit solution, which replaces your stock front axle with a “drop-axle” design. A drop axle lift kit is designed with a longer than stock radius that tapers down to the stock spindles on your golf cart. This lengthens your axle height and allows you to replace your front axle while reusing your stock spindles. Most Axle Lift Kits are less expensive than Spindle Lift Kits, but will not ride quite as smooth as a Spindle or A-Arm lift kit will.

While they are not hard to install, Drop Axle lift kits do require slightly more time to install than Spindle Lift Kits as well.

Block Lift Kits

Economy style block lift kits are easy to install and give your cart and instant boost in height. Typically 4” in height, Block Lift Kits add block-shaped steel pieces under your stock suspension to give your cart a skyward boost! This style of lift kit is inexpensive and effective, but only come in 4 inch height and won’t give you as much flexibility as Drop Spindle, Drop Axle or A-Arm lift kits. While effective, Block Lift Kits do also tend to provide a rougher overall ride quality.

Long Travel Lift Kits

Long travel lift kits are the most expensive and most capable lift kits you can buy for your golf cart. These kits are not needed for most daily types of golf cart or neighborhood use. What makes long travel kits so capable is their independent front and rear suspension systems (with long bouncy springs). The extended springs found on long travel kits are used as shock absorbers when driving over extremely harsh or rough terrain.

Long travel kits are typically sold in lift sizes of 6", 7", and 8" heights. These long-travel kits are often referred to as Extreme Duty Golf Cart Lift Kits . Another kit type in this category is the coil-over lift kit. Coil-over lift kits are similar to Long Travel kits... but tend to only have an independent front suspension with a static/fixed rear suspension setup.

Now that we have a good understanding of the different styles of lift kits that can be added to your golf cart, let’s shift our focus to the typical lift kits heights.

Golf Cart Lift Kit Heights

The most Common Lift Kit Heights

3” Lift Kits

3” Lift Kits are popular when adding up to 20” tires to your golf cart and come in many of the same exact styles that 6” lift kits come in (A-Arm, Spindle Lift, and Drop Axle). 3” Kits are the perfect height lift kit when you don’t want your golf cart to be much higher than stock, but would like to have the flexibility of adding a rear seat (extra weight on the back) and taller tires, without rubbing.

4” Lift Kits

4” Lift Kits are usually Block Style (economy) lift kits that are easy to install and allow all carts to fit up to 20” golf cart tires without rubbing.

6” Lift Kits

The most popular lift kit size on the market. 6” Lift Kits enable all golf cart models (EZ-GO, Yamaha, Club Car and more) to fit any of the wheels and tires available on our website. These kits can typically accept up to a 23” all terrain style tire, and give you plenty of extra space in your wheel well when riding around with extra passengers on the back of your golf cart.

Other Lift Kit Heights:

5” Lift Kits:

You might be asking yourself, “Why did we list 5” lift kits after 6” lift kits on our list?” --- to which we’d like to say, “Great question!”. 5” lift kits just aren’t as popular as other heights in our industry. We currently don’t list any 5” golf cart lift kits on our website, but these kits can typically accept up to 22” tires on Club Car and Yamaha Golf carts; and up to 23” tires on EZ-GO golf carts.

7” and 8" Lift Kits:

7" and 8" Lift Kits are considered Extreme Duty lift kits. These kits are designed for use in the most extreme environments and will typically be a long-travel or coil-over design (to help absorb the impacts of the big bumps / rocks they are used to drive over).

Recommended Lift Kit for Your Golf Cart Type by Tire Height

Below, please find a general table we have made for you (by golf cart type) so that you know which wheels and tires you will be able to fit on the lift kit setup you choose for your golf cart:

EZGO Golf Carts Tire Fitment & Lift Kit Needed

EZGO golf carts are the most forgiving when it comes to having space for wheels and tires. They can accept larger tires and wheels on a stock setup than most other golf carts (usually up to 20.0 inches without a lift kit).

18" Tires (common sizes: 205/50-10", 205/30-12", 215/35-12") No Lift Kit Needed
19" Tires (common sizes: 215/40-12", 205/30-14") No Lift Kit Needed
20" Tires (common sizes: 20x10-12, 20x8.5-14) No Lift Kit Needed (through 2014)
20.5" Tires (common sizes: 205/65-10", 215/50-12", 205/40-14") 3" Lift Recommended
22" Tires 3-4" Lift Recommended
23" Tires (common sizes: 23x10-12, 23x10-14) 5-6" Lift (6" recommended)
25" Tires 7-8" Lift Recommended

Club Car Golf Carts Tire Fitment & Lift Kit Needed

Club Car golf carts are a little tighter on extra space on a stock setup, so using taller tires will definitely require a lift kit

18" Tires (common sizes: 205/50-10", 205/30-12", 215/35-12") No Lift Kit Needed
19" Tires (common sizes: 215/40-12", 205/30-14") No Lift Kit Needed
20" Tires (common sizes: 20x10-12, 20x8.5-14) Will Need a 1” or 3” Lift Kit
20.5" Tires (common sizes: 205/65-10", 215/50-12", 205/40-14") 3" Lift Recommended
22" Tires 4" Lift Recommended
23" Tires (common sizes: 23x10-12, 23x10-14) 6" Lift Recommended
25" Tires 8" Lift Recommended

Yamaha Golf Carts Tire Fitment & Lift Kit Needed

Yamaha golf carts Pre-2007 are also tighter on space, like Club Car carts.

But newer model Yamaha golf carts, such as the DRIVE (G29) and Drive-2, can fit up to a 20.5” tire with no lift kit needed:

18" Tires (common sizes: 205/50-10", 205/30-12", 215/35-12") No Lift Kit Needed
19" Tires (common sizes: 215/40-12", 205/30-14") No Lift Kit Needed
20" Tires (common sizes: 20x10-12, 20x8.5-14)

Pre-2007 = 3” Lift Kit
Drive / Drive-2 = No Lift Needed

20.5" Tires (common sizes: 205/65-10", 215/50-12", 205/40-14") Pre-2007 = 3" Lift
Drive / Drive-2 = No Lift Needed
22" Tires Pre-2007 = 4" Lift Recommended
Drive / Drive-2 = 3" Lift Kit
23" Tires (common sizes: 23x10-12, 23x10-14) 6" Lift Recommended
25" Tires 8" Lift Recommended


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