Alex Sturwold


Golf Cart Expert Bio: Alex Sturwold

Alex Sturwold is the President of Golf Cart Tire Supply, and founder of the Golf Cart Sellers marketplace. Alex, a lifelong gear head and vehicle expert, brings over two decades of practical experience to GCTS. Prior to founding Golf Cart Tire Supply in 2014, Alex worked for Merrill Lynch in the Industrial Investment Banking Group, where he helped major industrial companies, such as Carlisle, Caterpillar and Navistar navigate their financial dealings. A resident of beautiful Arizona, Alex enjoys hitting the trails in side-by-sides, hiking, shooting guns and driving anything with a motor strapped to it. He's most at home spending time outdoors across the United States with his wife Nelli and their two rescued dogs, Gracie Lou and Tyson. When he's not busy here at GCTS busting his butt, Alex enjoys driving cars, going to metal concerts, learning about new technologies and watching the NBA or UFC. You can find him on LinkedIn and/or