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Choosing The Right Golf Cart Battery Charger for Your Cart

Choosing The Right Golf Cart Battery Charger

Step 1: Identify Your Golf Cart's Voltage

The charger you buy needs to match the voltage of your golf cart (to avoid unnecessary damage to your batteries):

  • 36-volt golf carts require a 36-volt charger
  • 48-volt golf carts require a 48-volt charger

Don't know how to Identify Your Golf Cart's Battery Voltage? Click HERE or scroll to the last section on this page!


Step 2: Identify the Correct Plug Type for Your Cart

Different brands a models of golf carts have different Plug "heads" on them. Because there are half-a-dozen plug types on the market for various cart models, you need to choose the golf cart charger with the plug that will fit on your golf cart's charging receptacle.


Step 3: Use our Simple Table Below to Locate Your Golf Cart Charger

Use the table below to find your EZ-GO Golf Cart ChargerClub Car Battery Charger or Yamaha Golf Cart Battery Charger, and keep your golf cart running in tip-top shape! You can easily click on the picture of your charger head-type below to be taken to the product page for your charger:

Golf Cart Charger Plug Type 36-Volt Golf Cart 48-Volt Golf Cart

36-Volt EZ-GO Charger

 club-car-48-volt-golf-cart-battery-charger-round-3-pin-plug.jpg ---

48-Volt Club Car Charger


36-Volt Crowsfoot Charger
(for Club Car, Yamaha & more)


48-Volt Crowsfoot Charger
(for Par Car, Fairplay & more)

 ezgo-rxv-txt-48-volt-golf-cart-battery-charger-3-pin-plug.jpg ---

48-Volt EZ-GO Charger

 yamaha-48-volt-golf-cart-battery-charger-2-pin-plug.jpg ---

48-Volt Yamaha Charger
(for Yamaha golf carts)
**This 2-Pin Connector
will work with 3-Pin Yamaha
DRIVE/G29 Carts as well


36-Volt EZGO Charger
EZGO Marathon & other EZGO

48-Volt SB50 Charger

 ezgo-txt-48-volt-golf-cart-battery-charger-notched-2-pin-powerwise-plug.jpg ---

48-Volt EZGO Charger


On-Board 36-Volt Charger
(universal for 36V golf carts)

On-Board 48-Volt Charger
(universal for 48V golf carts)



How To Identify Your Golf Cart's Battery Voltage

Electric golf carts will have 6 or 8 golf cart batteries located under the driver's seat (sometimes 4 batteries). These 4, 6, or 8 batteries when linked together will total up to a power of either 36-volts or 48-volts.


How to Determine Your Golf Cart Voltage:

  1. Lift up your golf cart's front seat and locate your golf cart batteries
  2. Inspect your batteries for the number of acid holes they have on each battery head cover. Each battery typically has 3, 4 or 6 holes on top
  3. Take the number of acid holes on one of your batteries and multiply that number by 2 to determine your golf cart battery voltage
  4. Multiply your golf cart battery voltage by the total number of golf cart batteries on your cart

Example: 36-Volt Golf Cart (w/ 6, 6V Batteries system):

3 acid holes x 2 volts per hole = 6 volts
6 volts x 6 total cart batteries = 36 volt cart

Example: 48-Volt Golf Cart (w/ 6, 8V Batteries system):

 4 acid holes x 2 volts per hole = 8 volts
 8 volts x 6 total cart batteries = 48 volt cart

Now that you are an expert on golf cart battery chargers and golf cart batteries, it's time to get the right one for your cart! If you recently bought a new golf cart battery charger and are experiencing issues with your batteries either not holding charge, or not providing full power - then it may be time to get some new golf cart batteries! Shop our brand new 6-Volt Golf Cart Batteries, 8-Volt Golf Cart Batteries and 12-Volt Golf Cart Batteries for all EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha golf carts now!

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