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Various Golf Carts from Club Car, EZGO, ICON and Yamaha

Golf Cart Brands by Manufacturer

Before you scroll to the list below, if you are in the market for a new golf cart, but overwhelmed by the lack of honest feedback on your options, then you have come to the right place. The GCTS has been a trusted player in the golf cart industry for 10-years. We don't sell golf carts, but we sell every accessory imaginable for them. And while the list below provides the names of all golf cart manufacturers on the market, you might actually want to just know who the best brands are. In that case, please read our article on the Top 10 Best Golf Cart Brands.

But if you are just looking to find a comprehensive list of all golf cart brands, look no further than our helpful table below! The golf cart brand table below covers the wide landscape of all golf cart brands offered for sale in the United States (and some more popular brands abroad as well). The most popular and well known brands are either BOLD or highlighted in grey with blue text (for most popular).

At the end of this article, we also give a quick overview of the most important / trusted brands. And as always, we are always here to help you replace your golf cart tires, golf cart wheels or to upgrade the golf cart accessories on your cart – no matter what brand you own!

Golf Cart Brand Company Logo Years Making Carts (as of 2024)
Advanced EV  Advanced EV Logo 4 Years
Bintelli Bintelli Golf Carts Logo 8 Years
Club Car Club Car Logo 64 Years
Columbia Par Car Columbia Par Car Logo New  77 Years
Cushman Cushman Golf Cart Logo 69 Years
Denago EV  Denago EV Logo 2 Years
Evolution EV evolution golf cart logo 11 Years
EZGO EZGO Logo 69 Years
Harley-Davidson Harley Davidson Golf Cart Logo  60 Years
Garia  Garia Golf Carts Logo 28 Years
GEM Car  GEM Car Logo 25 Years
ICON EV ICON Golf Cart Logo 7 Years
Kandi Karts Kandi America Golf Carts Logo  5 Years
Navitas Cart  NAVITAS Golf Cart Logo 1 Year
Madjax Madjax Logo  2 Years
MELEX MELEX golf cart logo 54 Years
MOKE America Moke America Logo  2 Years
STAR EV STAR EV Golf Cart Logo 19 Years
The BEAST  The BEAST 48 Golf Cart Logo 15 Years
Tomberlin Tomberlin golf cart logo 55 Years
VIVID EV Vivid EV Logo 5 Years
Yamaha Yamaha Golf Cart Logo 45 Years

Pioneer Golf Cart Brands

  • EZGO (1954) - EZ-GO is one of the most recognized golf cart brands, known for innovative designs and reliable performance. Popular models include: Liberty RXV, Freedom TXT. Unique feature: E-Z-GO's golf carts are built with a focus on comfort and ergonomics.
  • Club Car (1958) - Leading manufacturer of golf carts with a range of models. Popular models: Onward, Villager. Unique feature: Club Car uses aluminum frames that won't corrode, making their carts durable and long-lasting.
  • Yamaha (1970) - Entered the golf cart market in the 1970s, bringing expertise in engineering and innovation. Popular models: Drive2, Adventurer. Unique feature: Yamaha's golf carts are known for their powerful and quiet engines.

The Contenders

  • STAR EV (2003) - Manufacturing a range of golf carts, from compact to luxury models. Popular models: Star EV 4.2, Star EV 6.2. Unique feature: STAR EV's golf carts are designed with a focus on reliability and affordability.
  • Evolution EV (2011) - Produces cutting-edge electric golf carts with advanced features and designs. Popular models: Evolution 4, Evolution D5. Unique feature: Evolution EV's golf carts are built with sustainable and eco-friendly materials.
  • ICON EV (2017) - Specializing in electric golf carts with high-performance and eco-friendly solutions. Popular models: ICON i40, ICON i60. Unique feature: ICON EV's golf carts are designed with a focus on style and functionality, at a more affordable price than competitors.
  • Bintelli (2015) - Offers a range of golf carts with a focus on customization and innovative designs. Popular models: Bintelli 4, Bintelli 6. Unique feature: Bintelli's golf carts are built with a focus on comfort and customization.

The Niche Players

  • Cushman (1903) - Producing golf carts since the 1950s, catering to specific markets and applications. Popular models: Cushman Titan, Cushman Hawk. Unique feature: Cushman's golf carts are known for their durability and reliability.
  • Taylor-Dunn (1949) - Prominent manufacturer of industrial and golf carts, offering customized solutions. Popular models: Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot, Taylor-Dunn Burden Carrier. Unique feature: Taylor-Dunn's golf carts are built with a focus on quality and customization.
  • Columbia (1946) - Produced a range of golf carts, from simple to sophisticated models. Popular models: Columbia Par Car, Columbia Commander. Unique feature: Columbia's golf carts are known for their classic design and reliability.

The International Players

  • Garia (1995) - Known for high-end, luxury golf carts with sleek designs and advanced features. Originally partnered with Mercedes-Benz, but since dropped the partnership. Popular models: Garia Monaco, Garia Via. Unique feature: Garia's golf carts are built with a focus on style and luxury.
  • Melex (1971) - Producing golf carts with a focus on quality and affordability. Popular models: Melex 512, Melex 612. Unique feature: Melex's golf carts are known for their durability and reliability.

Legacy Golf Cart Brands

  • Western (1957) - Produced golf carts from 1957 to 1985, known for durability and reliability. Popular models: Western Auto, Western Golf Cart.
  • Marketeer (1959) - Manufactured golf carts from 1959 to 1982, offering a range of models. Popular models: Marketeer Golf Cart, Marketeer Utility Cart.
  • Nordskog (1959) - Produced golf carts until the 1980s, with a focus on quality and innovation. Popular models: Nordskog Golf Cart, Nordskog Ranger.
  • Harley-Davidson (1963) – Yes, that Harley-Davidson. The iconic motorcycle brand also produced golf carts from 1963 to 1982. Popular models: Harley-Davidson Golf Cart, Harley-Davidson Utility Cart. Unique feature: 3-wheels on many vintage models. Harley-Davidson's golf carts are known for their unique blend of style and functionality.

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