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  • Yamaha Drive (G29) & Drive2 Lithium Golf Cart Batteries - Drop in Ready (48-Volt)
  • Yamaha Drive (G29) & Drive2 Lithium Golf Cart Batteries - Drop in Ready (48-Volt)
  • Yamaha Drive (G29) & Drive2 Lithium Golf Cart Batteries - Drop in Ready (4-Pack, 48-Volt)
  • Lithium vs. Lead-Acid Batteries
  • 8-Year Warranty
  • State of Charge (In-app Display)
ALLIED Lithium

Yamaha DRIVE (G29) & Drive2 Lithium Golf Cart Batteries - Drop in Ready (Fits 2007+, 48-Volt)

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AB-YAM-48V-30AH (2 pack)
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 Product Description

Welcome to the FUTURE: Lithium Ion Golf Cart Batteries. These true Drop-in-Ready Lithium golf cart batteries from ALLIED Lithium are amazing for so many reasons. A full turn-key replacement system, this battery setup enables you to convert your Yamaha Drive (G29) / Drive2 golf cart to lithium from lead acid in less than 30 minutes. You can use the same wiring as used with your current lead-acid system.

What makes Lithium Batteries Amazing?:

  • Unheard of 8-Year Warranty
  • No "drop off" in power, works at full power until they are fully discharged (just like your cell phone)
  • Full Charge in only 2-3 hrs (quick charge up)
  • Last up to 15 years (compared to 5 years with regular batteries)
  • Weigh only 1/4 the weight of Lead-Acid Batteries
  • No Maintenance! (Never need to add water to your batteries again)
  • Drop in ready (install in minutes, just swap out with your old batteries)

This is the only Lithium Solution with golf cart batteries made to the exact dimensions as the factory sized lead-acid batteries, so installation and the connection points are the same.

The optional Allied lithium golf cart charger is made with the OEM plug-in connector, so there are no special adapters required to charge your new batteries either.

Spend a little more up front and save in the long run!

Yamaha Drive (G29) & Drive2, 48-Volt Golf Cart Lithium Ion Batteries Conversion Kit

This set includes 2 x 48V 30AH Lithium Golf Cart Batteries (all the way up to 8 batteries) made to fit Yamaha DRIVE & Drive2 models 2007+. Works with both 6 x 8V and 4 x 12V Yamaha setups. Simply remove your Lead-Acid Batteries and replace with the Lithium Batteries, attach cables, secure holding bracket and your install is complete.


Which Set (Amp Hours) is right for me?

60 A/H: 20-25 Miles per charge. (2 batteries)

90 A/H: 30-35 Miles per charge. (3 batteries)

120 A/H: 40-45 Miles per charge. (4 batteries)

150 A/H: 50-55 Miles per charge. (5 batteries)

180 A/H: 60-65 Miles per charge. (6 batteries)

210 A/H: 70-75 Miles per charge. (7 batteries)

240 A/H: 80-85 Miles per charge. (8 batteries)

The average 18 hole round of golf is 6-8 miles. You made achieve less distance with non-stock items such as upgraded controllers or motors, AC units, older aged carts, etc.

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