WANDA AT Trail 23x10.5-12" Tires - Set of 4

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SKU: TR1205

You need a tough and lightweight All Terrain tire. Slasher makes a tough and lightweight All Terrain tire. Consider it a match made in heaven!

The Slasher AT Trail 23x10.5-12" tire allows you to attack new tundra and won't turn ride quality into a moon bounce. You likely don't want your ears to feel like you just got home from a the racetrack every time you drive your cart either, so we are happy to tell you that these tires are nice and quiet.


4 x 23x10.5-12 Slasher All Terrain Trail tires

Your golf cart will require a lift kit of 5" or higher to run this tire package and have proper clearance. Makes easy work of curbs, woodchips, gravel and mild trails.

Fits lifted Yamaha, EZ GO and Club Car golf carts.

Manufacturer's warranty.