Golf Cart Voltage Reducer - 26-60V to 12V / 20 amp (Works w/ All Golf Carts)

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Draining your batteries faster than you should? Burning out those accessories you paid hard-earned money for? Put a stop to all that today!

When you add electrical accessories to your golf cart, a voltage reducer can help protect your new investments from frying! This golf cart voltage reducer will protect your new LED lights, radios, horns, charger outlets or any other accessories that require 12V to run.

This golf cart voltage reducer is made for all 36V & 48V electric golf carts (can bring any electric carts from 26V to 60V, all the way down to a safe 12V for your accessories). This reducer puts out 20 amps of power back to all your accessories, which is ample to fully light up your golf cart light kit, horn, radio, USB chargers and anything else you throw at it!

Best For:    All 36V and 48V electric golf carts
Works With:    Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha Golf Carts & ALL other makes/models
Amperage:    20 amps
Size:    6.5" L x 3.75" W x 2" H
Weight:    2 lbs.
Includes:    Universal voltage reducer & all wiring      
Safety:    Voltage reducer is key switch activated and has a thermal-overload switch
Instructions:    Voltage Reducer Installation Instructions

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