Trojan 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery Set (Fits ALL 48-Volt Carts)

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SKU: T-GC2-48-G

Trojan has been leading the industry in power, life-span, and quality since 1925 (almost 100 years). The Trojan name is known for a great battery life-span as well as performance. And now, Trojan has entered the Lithium Golf Cart Batteries space!

Convert your golf cart to LITHIUM POWER today! The GC2 line is made by Trojan Battery and is designed to replace the batteries on all 48-Volt Golf Carts (Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha, etc.). Just a simple battery change from Lead-Acid to Lithium will have you going farther, climbing higher, accelerating faster and charging quicker. Try it today. And unleash the hidden potential in your golf cart.

Benefits of Trojan Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

  • Drive 45 to 60 miles on a single charge with a 3-lithum-ion battery configuration (travel further)

  • Charges in under 4 hours (versus 8-10 for other lead-acid batteries)

  • Tested by Trojan for off-road durability and to automotive standards, including SAE

  • Lasts 2-3X longer than traditional lead-acid golf cart batteries

  • Charge up anytime (in short bursts) without harming the batteries

  • Comes with an 8-year warranty from Trojan

  • No watering required, no corrosion, no acid drips, no charging fumes

Designed to meet safety and performance standards, including global and independent agencies—UL, SAE, ETL, FCC, CE. These batteries are made with one of the most stable lithium formulas (lithium iron phosphate) and includes redundant safety features. They also feature a battery monitoring system that self-protects against short circuits or overheating.

This Package includes:

  • (2) x 6-Volt Trojan T-105 Golf Cart Batteries (48 Volts Total)
  • (1) x Lester Summit II Lithium Battery Charger (With LITHIUM Charge Profile)
  • You can add additional batteries for more power per charge

Please note the following:

  • Shipping is FREE!
  • Please note: Trojan GC2 Lithium Batteries are 48-Volts and have a 30 Amp-Hour (AH) rating. Your 48V Golf Cart will need a minimum of 2 Trojan Lithium batteries
  • Please note: EZGO RXV will need Three Trojan Lithium Batteries to function correctly
Works For:     48-Volt Golf Carts with (8 x 6-Volt) batteries
Golf Cart Makes:    Club Car, EZ-GO, Yamaha, ICON etc.
Model:    Trojan Lithium Golf Cart Battery / GC2
Condition:     New
Battery Type:    LiFePO4 48V Deep-Cycle Lithium-Ion
Volts:    48-Volt
BCI Group Size:    GC2
Weight:    37 lbs.
Warranty:    18 month manufacturer's warranty - Trojan Battery Limited Warranty
Dimensions:    L 10.4" x W 7.11" x H 10.9"
Manufactured:    Made in the USA  
Replaces:    Any 6V deep cycle flooded batteries