RHOX 6" BMF A-Arm Lift Kit for Yamaha DRIVE / G29 Golf Carts - Heavy Duty

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Ultra high quality RHOX BMF A-Arm Yamaha Drive / G29 lift kit. Why pay more for a JAKES kit when you can have the same quality at a lower price? The BMF lift kit is highest quality lift kit that RHOX makes, and comes at an affordable price.

This lift kit will give your Yamaha Drive / G29 a smooth riding 6" lift so you can fit on that brand new set of taller all terrain golf cart tires on your cart!

  • 6" Lift Fits all Yamaha Drive (G29) Golf Carts
  • RHOX Extreme Duty A-Arm Lift Kit (BMF)
    • Larger diameter steel tubing than other lift kits on the market
    • Designed for all terrain use
    • Replaces front-end
    • Features Quick Camber and Quick Toe adjustments
    • Requires 10" (or larger) offset wheel

Pair it up with your favorite golf cart wheel and tire combo!

Installation Video (2 Parts):