Madjax Yamaha G29/Drive 6” Double A-Arm Lift Kit

This product has been discontinued.

SKU: N-16-016

Introducing the YAMAHA G29/Drive 6" Double A-Arm Lift Kit from MadJax. This high quality, durable lift kit increases suspension enabling your Yamaha G29/Drive 2007-2016 to tackle new terrain while fitting up to 23" golf cart tires!

The MadJax (MJFX) Yamaha G29/Drive 6" Double A-Arm Lift Kit includes:

  • Double A-Arm frame, finished in high-gloss black powdercoat
  • No cutting or welding required ("bolt-on and go" kit, easy to install)
  • Adjustable front end alignment (camber and toe)
  • Durable urethane bushings
  • Accepts up to 23" tire and wheel combo
  • Printed Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Fits Yamaha G29/Drive Gas & Electric Models 2007-2016

This kit has first class quality welds and lengthens your cart's wheelbase for added stability.

Please Note: Use requires wheels that are 10" in size or above.