Madjax LUX Yamaha Drive2 Golf Cart LED Color Changing Light Kit (Street Legal, Fits 2017+)

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SKU: N-02-104

NEW from MadJax! Introducing the LUX Street Legal Light Kit! This kit is designed to fit your Yamaha Drive2 Golf Cart 2017+ (Gas & Electric)! This light kit features Bluetooth RGB3 technology with the ability to change the COLOR, PATTERN, and SPEED of your lights! This is a MUST HAVE to give your Yamaha a PREMIUM look!

Features include:

  • (2) x LED LUX Color Changing Headlights
  • (2) x LED LUX Color Changing Taillights
  • (1) x Street Legal Package (Turn signal, horn & brake switch)
  • (1) x 12-Volt Dual-USB Charging Outlet
  • (1) x Toggle Switch (On / Off Switch) - Can be mounted on the Dash of your Golf Cart!
  • (1) x 12-Volt Wiring Harness with in-line Fuse; plug and play with your existing wiring... NO GUESSWORK!
  • (1) x Steering Column Cover
  • (1) x A push/pull on-off switch to activate light kit
  • Installation instructions and all fasteners/hardware included

See it for yourself! 


Works For:    Yamaha Drive2 Golf Carts (2017+, Gas & Electric)
Weight:    7.5 Lbs.
Light Type:    LED (LUX Color Changing!)
Warranty:    1 Year
Compatibility:    Can replace any previously installed light kit for a Yamaha Drive2 Golf Carts (will fit your OEM cutouts)

Just plug and play! Everything included to bolt straight onto your cart.