ITP All Trail XLT 23x10-14 All Terrain Golf Cart Tires - Set of 4 for 14" Wheels

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SKU: MTA-5000866

If you want to trust your cart off the beaten path, then the classic All Trail XLT tire from Carlisle is a no brainer. There is a comfort in knowing you can drive over most any terrain if your tires are tough enough. 

This tire set includes 4 brand new Carlisle 23x10x14" 4-ply tires for application on 14" golf cart wheels

  • Tires stand 23" tall (from ground to top of tire)
  • Tires are high quality 4-ply construction

This tire requires your cart to have a 5" or higher lift kit in order to run it. The All Trail XLT makes easy work of loose dirt, woodchips, gravel and mild to medium trails. Even with the aggressive tread pattern this tire has, this tire does not create a substantial amount of extra road noise when compared to stock tires and has a very comfortable ride quality.

Manufacturer's warranty.