Golf Cart Speedometer (Fits ALL Golf Carts)

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SKU: RH-ACC-0200

Find out how fast you're going today with the Ex-Ray digital speedometer! This speedometer has an external magnetic tooth sensor mounted to the wheel hub of your golf cart, and a remote temperature sensor located on your DC motor to give you the speed and diagnostic information you need on demand!

With a waterproof design, this speedometer can be used in all conditions. Readouts include current speed, average speed (over trip length) and max speed, as well as maintenance scheduling, ride time, and total accumulated ride time. 

Works For:    All Golf Cart Makes & Models (Gas & Electric)
Weight:    1.1 pounds
Warranty:    1 year
Includes:    Golf cart speedometer and installation hardware 
Installation:    Spedometer Installation Instructions
  • Battery Voltage Readout for 12, 24, 36, and 48V electric cars or alternator battery health on gas cars.
  • Programmable maintenance reminders.
  • Ride time and total accumulated ride time.
  • LED warning lights.
  • Air and motor temperature displays.
  • Non Resettable odometer.
  • Lap timer and clock.
  • High-intensity backlight.
  • Auto On/Off.
  • Waterproof connections.