Golf Cart Phone/USB Charger - 12V Accessory

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SKU: RH-ACC-0097

Works with ALL golf cart models and types!

Tired of phone/ tablet/ other USB items dying while you're out and about in your golf cart? Keep your electronics alive with this easy to install 2-port USB 12V charger!

Simply hook up to one of your 12V battery terminals on your golf cart (if your golf cart is 8V or 6V, then you will need a voltage reducer to use this accessory).

Works For:    ALL Golf Carts (with a 12V battery, or 6V & 8V w/ Voltage Reducer)
Works With:    All iPhones, Android Phones, MP3 players, Tablets, etc.
# of USB Ports:    Two USB Ports (charge two devices at once)
Finish:    Black
Installation:    Please CLICK HERE for USB Charger Installation Instructions
Other Info:    Optional Wiring Kit Installation Instructions