Golf Cart Lug Nuts Explained

Golf Cart Lug Nuts and Golf Cart Lug Pattern Explained

What is my Golf Cart Lug Pattern? What is my golf cart lug nut size?


What is the typical Golf Cart Lug Nut Size?

Easy! Let's first get straight to the meat and potatoes. Their are two basic types (sizes) of golf cart lug nuts

  • Metric threaded lugs: Most Japanese (Yamaha) and Chinese (STAR EV, etc.) brand carts use metric threaded lugs. These lugs are 12mm x 1.25 in size.
  • Standard threaded lugs: A good rule of thumb is that most American brand name golf carts (EZGO, Club Car, ICON, Harley-Davidson, etc.) use standard threaded lugs. These lugs are 1/2" x 20mm




What size are the Lug Nuts on a Club Car?

The Club Car lug nut size is standard 1/2 x 20. This is true for all Club Car models including DS, Precedent, Tempo, Onward and more. These sized lugs are also known as SAE sized golf cart lug nuts.

What size are the lug nuts on an EZGO?

The EZGO lug nut size is standard 1/2 x 20. This is true for all EZGO golf cart models including Marathon, TXT, RXV, Liberty and more. These sized lugs are also known as SAE sized golf cart lug nuts.

Yamaha Golf Cart Lug Nut Size

Yamaha golf cart lug nuts are metric sizing of 12mm x 1.25. This is true for all Yamaha golf cart models and model years (1970-2023) including Yamaha G1-G22, Yamaha Drive (G29) and Yamaha Drive-2 carts. To confirm the size of your Yamaha Lug Nuts, simply take one of your golf cart and look at the base of the lug near the opening. You will find small printed numbers that say "12x1.25"

What is the Golf Cart Lug Pattern?

We're glad you asked! Golf carts have a simple 4-lug wheel pattern, with each of the 4-lug bolts being exactly 4 inches apart from one another. This golf cart lug pattern is know as a 4x4 lug pattern (4 holes x 4 inches apart). It is also sometime expressed in Metric measurement as 4x101.6mm (4 holes x 101.6mm). Most golf carts (American and Foreign made) use this standard 4-bolt lug pattern.


What Lug Pattern is a Club Car Golf Cart?

Club Car golf carts utilize the industry standard golf cart hub size of 4x4 bolt pattern or 4 x 101.6mm. This same bolt-pattern is used on the hubs of almost all golf cart brands.

What Lug Pattern is an EZGO Golf Cart?

The EZGO lug pattern is also the industry standard golf cart hub size of 4x4 or 4 x 101.6mm bolt pattern. This same bolt-pattern is used on the hubs of almost all golf cart brands.

What Lug Pattern is a Yamaha Golf Cart?

While Yamaha golf carts do use different lug nut threading than EZGO and Club Car, the Yamaha golf cart lug pattern is still the industry standard 4x4 bolt pattern or 4 x 101.6mm golf cart hub size. This same bolt-pattern is used on the hubs of almost all golf cart brands.

Why are some carts 5-lugs?

This is not common for golf carts. If you believe your golf cart has a 5-lug bolt pattern, please first check and be sure your wheels do not have golf cart hub caps / hub covers on them (which give the illusion of having 5-bolts). These hub covers can dress up a plain steel wheel, but if you look behind the hub cap you will see your actual bolt pattern is 4x4.   

That is not to say 5-lug bolt patterns don't exist though. 5-lugs bolt patterns are very popular on utility vehicles (KUBOTA, John Deere, etc.) and ATVs/UTVs (Polaris, CanAm, Honda, etc.).

What is proper Golf Cart Lug Nut Torque?

When tightening your golf cart lug nuts, the industry standard golf cart lug nut torque is 50 ft/lbs. We recommend you hand tighten each wheel lug using just your fingers. Once all lugs are finger-snug, you are ready to torque your wheels down completely using a torque wrench set to 50 pounds of torque.

We recommend tightening using the corner-to-corner method, beginning with the top right lug, working to the bottom left lug. Then back up to the top-left lug, and finally working over to the bottom right lug.


Using the proper amount of torque when tightening your golf cart lug nuts will ensure you get the longest life out of your golf cart wheels, regardless if they are aluminum or steel wheels. Lug nuts left too loose can cause your steel wheels to bend while riding your cart, or even create cracks in an aluminum wheel.

Summing it All Up

We hope this article has been helpful and informative for you in explaining golf cart lug nutsIf you're looking to purchase Club Car Lug NutsEZGO Lug Nuts, or Yamaha Lug Nuts - we are here to help today!

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Written by: Alex Sturwold of the Golf Cart Expert Team

Updated: 11/25/2023