GCTS Expert Team

The Golf Cart Expert Team

Meet the golf cart tires, wheels and accessories experts here at the GCTS!

When it comes to golf carts and outfitting them with new accessories, wheels and tires or replacement parts, there are so many variables. The most obvious differences are the year of the cart, the make, the model and the motor type (electric or gas); but there are some much less obvious, subtle differences between different golf cart modes and years. For instance, the EZ-GO TXT Golf Cart can fit up to 20.5" tires on it without a lift kit, while the EZGO RXV golf cart can only fit up to a 19" tire without a lift kit before it will rub.

Not to mention the fact that a golf cart lift kit itself can either be installed in as little as half a day (with guidance from the proper professionals) or can end up taking you days on end (full of frustration)!

These subtle variables and tricks of the trade exist across all offerings of golf carts available on the market, and our team is incredibly well versed in all of them! Not only do we have dozens of helpful articles and guides in our free Golf Cart University section on the site, but together our Golf Cart Expert Team of sales representatives and technical experts has 15 years of golf cart maintenance, golf cart repair and custom accessory installation experience!

This is just one more big reason you should purchase your Golf Cart Accessories and Golf Cart Parts with the Golf Cart Tire Supply. We will answer all your technical questions before you purchase, and will make sure you are taken care of and understand how to use them once your parts and accessories arrive to you. Consider us your friendly neighborhood gear heads! No question is too simple or complicated for our experts, and no golf cart topic is unknown to us!

Meet the Golf Cart Experts at GCTS

Alex Sturwold

Alex Sturwold is the Head Honcho in Charge at Golf Cart Tire Supply, and founded the company in early 2014 after noticing a lack of well organized, trustworthy, and informative golf cart retail websites online. Alex has been riding dirt bikes since he was 12 years old, and working on tuner/import cars since he was 15. His number one priority is for the GCTS to be the best online resource for golf cart owners to come and learn about their carts before purchasing, and offering the best damn customer service and products possible.

Alex is a regular contributor to the Golf Cart University here at the Golf Cart Tire Supply, writing articles on topics ranging from golf cart maintenance to the most popular accessories our customers order.

Alex Sturwold

Alex Sturwold


Zakarey Swanson

Zak joined the GCTS team in 2019, coming from a large welding equipment supply company out of Ohio. Zak has great technical experience and has quickly become a parts & accessories resource for the Golf Cart Tire Supply. Zak manages the Golf Cart Tire Supply Amazon and eBay stores, and will help you with anything you order from us on either of those platforms.

In his free time, Zak likes to game and spend time with his dogs. He currently resides in Ohio.

Zak Swanson

Zak Swanson


Campbell "Pit Boss" White

Joining the company in late 2019, Campbell quickly proved he belonged in the Golf Cart space while he was still in college answering customer questions between classes for the GCTS. Campbell earned the name "Pit Boss" for his time working on a real NASCAR team in his teens!

Campbell brings his high-energy work ethic with him to the office every day. And he is known for going above and beyond when it comes to helping customers customize their golf carts. 

Mike "Mikey P" Pinkowski

Mike has been with the Golf Cart Tire Supply since 2017, and after his first paycheck he promptly purchased a bone stock Club Car DS, that would barely hold a charge. Mike quickly fitted the cart with new golf cart batteries and then the real fun began: adding a lift kit, rear seat, mirrors, a light kit with turn signals, custom 12" Wheels and 23" All Terrain tires and more! Mike flipped the cart for a profit and has continued to buy, sell and repair tons of golf carts over the past 6 years! You've likely already seen him in some of our YouTube videos =)

Mike recently moved to the beautiful state of South Carolina, where he resides in Charleston.

Ryan Montavalo

Ryan has been with the Golf Cart Tire Supply since 2020, and is known for having the fastest hands in the Western World when it comes to answering the phones. Ryan lives in Texas (along with thousands of our loyal customers) with his wife Monica. He loves all things golf carts and helping our customers make their rides perfect for their personality.

Austin "The Kid" Chapman

Austin has been with the Golf Cart Tire Supply since 2019, and not only does Austin know golf carts inside and out, but as the oldest child in a family of 7 children Austin also knows how to lead and how to take care of others. He regularly competes to answer the most calls (help the most customers) here at GCTS every month. And he also likes to keep our GCTS crew laughing on the regular. Austin lives in the football town of South Bend, IN!

Max "BellaFoccacia" Belforti

Max joined the Golf Cart Tire Supply in 2023, bringing with him extensive operational experience from his time at multiple large automotive companies, including most recently Cars & Bids. Hailing from Boston, MA - Max has lived in both the Chicago suburbs and California before settling down in Scottsdale with the GCTS.

John Gregory

John acts as a 3rd party order liaison for the Golf Cart Tire Supply. John has been working with golf carts since 2001, and has extensive experience in golf cart wheels and tires, the installation of rear seat kits, tire fitment on various cart years and just about any oddball question you could have about the differences between cart models.

Current Golf Cart: 2018 Yamaha Drive-2

Andrew Wilkey

Need a refund? Have an issue with the sales side of your order? Andrew, our resident numbers expert will get you taken care of! Andrew has been a professional accountant for 5+ years now, and runs the books here at the GCTS.

Michelle (Mitch) Reyes

Mitch has been with the GCTS since 2018, and is a jack-of-all-trades supporting our entire team with order entries, customer service, tracking and more!

Nice to "Meet" You!

We hope you have enjoyed meeting our team of golf cart experts here at the Golf Cart Tire Supply. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any cart technical questions, product questions or anything else you might need! We are always here to help at 1-844-422-7884 and info@golfcarttiresupply.com.