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EZGO 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger (SB50 Plug) - Lester Summit Series High Frequency 36V/14A

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SKU: CGR-411

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SKU: CGR-411

  • Designed for off-board and on-board use.
  • Features intelligent natural convection cooling (no fan) and high energy efficiency - great for use in thermally demanding applications.
  • High AC-to-DC conversion efficiency.
  • Advanced Winter Storage Mode.
  • High AC-to-DC conversion efficiency.
  • Heavy duty sealed aluminum enclosure is resistant to water, dust and other environmental elements.
  • Rugged, durable design.
  • Advanced microprocessor controller and precise charging algorithms prevent both undercharging and overcharging.
  • Optimizing both daily battery capacity and overall battery life.
  • 2 Year warranty.