EXCEL Street Fox 23x10R-12" Radial DOT Golf Cart Tires

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Looking for a smooth street ride on your lifted golf cart? Look no further than the tough Street Fox 23x10R-12 Radial tires! These tires provide long lasting tread-life and are gentle on turf and grass (turf safe) while giving you the ultimate street traction.

Radial tires offer two primary benefits:

  1. They reduce rolling resistance for better gas mileage / improved torque from your cart
  2. They have a longer tread life (compared to straight bias ply tires).

Each order includes:

  • (1) x Street Fox 23x10R-12" DOT Tires (Radial tire) 
Tire size 23x10R-12"
Tire height 23 inches tall
Turf Safe YES
DOT Approved YES
Ply Rating 4 ply, Radial
Load Capacity (per tire) 800 Lbs @ 20 psi

Does NOT include wheel. Wheel used for advertising purposes to show you how it looks! =)

This tire stands 23" tall and will require 5" minimum lift kit to use on your golf cart.