Duro Desert 22x11-8 Golf Cart Tire

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The 22" DURO Desert tire will turn your golf cart into a gravel eating, tundra munching machine. This 22x11-8 all terrain tire from industry leading Duro Tires is a lightweight 2-ply tire designed to handle all types of terrain and while still providing a soft and comfortable ride.

  • Fits all standard and offset 8" Golf Cart wheels
  • Includes tire only
Tire size 22x11-8
Tire height (ground to top of tire) 22 inches
Ply 2 ply

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**Please note: this tire is 11 inches wide and requires use of offset 8" wheel (ex. 3+4).
If using your stock/OEM wheels + Axle lift kit, you will need a set of 1" golf cart wheel spacers to avoid rubbing.