Club Car 48-Volt Battery Charger w/ Round Plug

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SKU: EP-113-087

One of the best values for Golf Cart Chargers! This battery charger fits ALL 48V Club Car Golf Carts (w/ pictured circular, 3-Prong Round Plug)!

This fully-automatic, 3-Stage Smart Charger features easy-to-use LED colored indicators that tell you the status of your charge cycle - NO HASSLE!

  • RED - Indicates AC power is ON!
  • YELLOW - Indicates batteries are charging!
  • GREEN - Indicates that batteries are CHARGED and in Float Mode! Float mode, or maintaining mode, is when a battery charger holds your batteries at a CHARGED level, without damaging them.

We like to brag about this charger, so we'll tell you a little more about how great it is below:

  • Charges at an impressive 15-AMP level (Higher than most Golf Cart chargers - Higher AMP's mean FASTER charging)! - No need to wait long times!
  • Perfect for any type of lead-acid battery: Conventional, Maintenance free, deep cycle, or GEL!
  • Lightweight & portable! Weighs only 13 lbs & manufactured in a high-quality aluminum case!
  • Features an 8-foot DC charging cord! Perfect for those far-away outlets or awkward parking jobs!
  • 2-Speed automatic cooling fan
  • Charger features a 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty - We have your back!
  • Auto-Sensing AC Input 100-240 volts - 50 / 60Hz Input Voltage - Worldwide use!
  • Reverse polarity & short-circuit proof! 

Treat your Golf Cart right & Order with confidence today! =)

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