Carlisle Turf Saver 13x5.00-6" Lawn Mower Tires

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Classic and trusted Carlisle Turf Saver 13x5.00-6" Lawn Mower Tires

Brand Carlisle
Model Turf Saver
Item Weight 3.4 pounds
Product Dimensions 13 x 5 x 6 inches
Manufacturer Part Number 5110211
Section Width 13 inches
Construction Bias Ply (2 ply)
Fits on 6 inch wheels
Speed Rating B

The Carlisle Turf Saver is a lawn and garden tire specially designed for those who are looking for minimal grass compaction and extended wear. This tire is one of the most popular turf tread tires by Carlisle as it has been used as the OEM tire of choice for mowers built by popular manufacturers such as John Deere, Toro, and Jacobson.

The Carlisle Turf Saver features a tread pattern which provides superior grip without damaging the grass it is driven on. Don't let the gentle tread design fool you though, this tire is known for its durability with its broad-shouldered, puncture resistant construction.

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