Carlisle Multi Trac CS Lawn Mower Tires (Select Your Size)



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The grand-daddy of all Lawn Mower Tires, and the tire of choice for many OEM Commercial Mower brands. This is the classic and trusted Carlisle Multi Trac CS Lawn Mower Tires (S-Pattern Tread Design). This tire features deep tread lugs in a prole optimized for stability and traction.

Available in many sizes for different mower applications. Just choose your size using the drop-down menu above!

  • The 4-Ply Carlisle Multi Trac C/S tire is extremely durable and has proven to be one of the longest wearing tires in commercial lawn care
  • The Multi Trac C/S has greater tread depth and more rubber on the contact surface to provide increased puncture resistance and longer tire life
  • Unique shoulder design minimizes turf damage on hills and during sharp turns
  • Multiple sizes and ply ratings make this tire a popular choice for the lawn care professional
  • Carlisle Multi Trac tires are the tire of choice for major OEM's mid-sized and large compact utility tractors
Brand   Carlisle
Model   Multi Trac C/S
Item Weight   9.0 pounds
Product Dimensions   From 15x6x6 inches up to 41x14x20
Tire Type   Tubeless
Construction   Bias Ply (2 ply)

The Carlisle Turf Trac CS is a lawn and garden tire specially designed for those who are looking for minimal grass compaction and extended wear. This tire is one of the most popular turf tread tires by Carlisle as it has been used as the OEM tire of choice for Commercial Mowers from companies such as Walker, Exmark and Scag.

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