Golf Cart Reaches 118mph in Quarter Mile!

Posted by Alex Sturwold on Nov 10, 2014

This isn't your grandfather's golf cart.

Last week in South Carolina, Plum Quick Motors, the makers of "high performance electric golf cart motors," set a world record for the fastest speed attained by a golf cart, reaching 118.76 mph on a closed racetrack. The standard, two-seat golf cart completed a quarter-mile course at Hartsville's Darlington Dragway in 12.241 seconds — clubs included. The driver, 52-year-old Robby Steen, was wearing a seat belt and helmet.

"It was a very wild ride, right on the edge of being a very bad day," Steen told "Prayed a lot and the good Lord let me walk away safe."

The Fort Mill, S.C., company surpassed its previous record of 103.65 mph, also at Darlington, which was certified by Guinness World Records in 2013.

The motors sold by Plum Quick Motors don't go quite as fast. The company's priciest model, the $650, 48-volt Assassin, tops out at 40 mph.