Get Ready for Spring: Maintain Your Golf Cart!

Get Ready for Spring: Maintain Your Golf Cart!

Posted by Alex Sturwold on Dec 09, 2016

Your golf cart is a big investment and your personal safety is pretty darn important! So please, for the love of Pete, don't forget to take care of your golf cart. Below are a few easy things you should begin to make a habit out of to enhance the life of your golf cart and any added  golf cart accessories:

1. CLEAN BATTERIES/FUEL LINES: If your cart is electric, take a look at your battery terminals and make sure they are clean. If you have corrosion on the terminals, we suggest getting the terminals wet and adding a bit of baking soda to the terminals. Then you can give them a good scrub with an old tooth brush and rinse them off!

For gas carts, clean or replace your fuel injectors. Yes, just like a your car or truck these small  golf cart parts can get filthy and affect the performance of your cart!

2. CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE: Before you take your first spin of the season, check to make sure that you don't have a flat and that your tire pressure is up to par. Recommended tire pressure will be displayed on the sidewall of the cart's tire. If you need a replacement, we've got you covered with our wide selection of golf cart tires and golf cart wheels and tires.

3. CHECK YOUR BRAKES & PADS: Next it is a good idea to check your brakes by jacking up the rear of the cart, safely supporting it and then removing the wheels to access your brakes. It is a great time to take some compressed air and blow out the brake dust. Then you can check the thickness of your pads. Also check the play in your brake pedal, you may need to adjust it so that you don’t have excess play.

4. TEST YOUR LIGHTS & REFLECTORS: Turn on the headlights and walk around the front of the cart to ensure both are working properly. Ask a friend to stand at the rear of the cart while you depress the brake pedal (to ensure brake light functionality) and test and turn signals at this time as well. If you don't have a friend to check the brake lights, just wait until it is dark outside to push the brake pedal while looking out towards the rear of the cart for light function.

5. CLEAN YOUR CART: After steps 1-4 are complete, get that cart out of your garage and give it a good cleaning. We recommend at LEAST one thorough cleaning each ear. A clean cart is a happy cart! Don’t be afraid to spray the batteries, just be mindful of the electronics.

Happy riding!