Find the Right Low Profile Golf Cart Tires for Your Situation!

Posted by Alex Sturwold on Mar 04, 2014

Which Low Profile Golf Cart Tire is Right For You?

Don't want to sacrifice comfort for looks? Worried about road noise and premature wear? These are some of the things we think about when selecting a new low profile tire for our golf cart. BUT FEAR NOT, we are here to give you the low down on low profile tire selection.

Nothing feels better than pulling out of your subdivision, off the trail, or out of the country club and cruising straight down the street in full legal harmony. But if you don't have a set of DOT (Department of Transportation) approved tires on your ride, you better be ready to answer to Uncle Sam and the patrol man when they come a knockin'. 

Luckily, there are several options these days when it comes to high performing low profile golf cart tires, many of which don't cost more than similar OEM replacement tires and look even better to boot. The wide array of Low Profile golf cart tire options comes from several newly minted manufacturers along with a few industry classics. Here are a few of our favorites here at Golf Cart Tire Supply:

Mid-tiered Low Pros

Achieva (by Innova) Driver DOT approved Tire
Innova has been making tires for decades, and recently decided to bring their manufacturing talents in to the golf cart tire arena. Their efforts have lead to a high performing low profile golf cart tire known as The Driver

This tire offers great performance at a reasonable price. Less expensive than some of the more well established brands out there, we have gotten nothing but good feedback from our customers who have ordered Achieva brand low profile tires. These tires have a long tread life, look sleek on any set of wheels and offer great wet and dry traction. Prices on all Innova tires are sure to move up in the years to come as the brand gains recognition in the market. Save money by buying today!

Premium Tire Brand Low Profile Tires

STI Slasher GTX DOT approved Tire
STI is a well establish player in the golf cart wheel industry, offering high quality products backed up by industry leading warranties. The STI Slasher GTX low profile tire doesn't compromise quality and subscribes to the adage "you get what you pay for". The Slasher GTX is made of a long-lasting soft rubber compound which provides as soft a ride as possible without creating quick tread wear. 

While these tires do offer great performance, they also dress up any set of wheels nicely. If you care at all about the aesthetics of design, especially when it comes to your golf cart, this is a great tire to choose.

ITP Ultra GT DOT approved Tire
ITP is another industry heavyweight with long-term experience in making high performing golf cart tires. The Ultra GT is popular, durable and backed by ITP. Good nuff' for us.

By: Alex Sturwold

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