Bentley Golf Cart - A Gift from Floyd Mayweather to his Son

Posted by Alex Sturwold on Dec 05, 2014

Floyd Mayweather: you either love him or you hate him. One thing you can't take away from the champ is his uncanny ability to earn prize money from his self-promoted and long-running fighting career.

Floyd most recently used some of his purse to purchase his 15-year old son a gold Bentley styled golf cart. We here at the Golf Cart Tire Supply aren't the biggest fans of this cart, but we'll let you decide whether to love it or hate it. Much like the champ himself!

We'll be sure to add any other images of the cart that we can find here. We've also considered having a "featured customer golf carts" image on our homepage each month. We will send out an email to all our subscribers detailing this soon!

Keep carting!