Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

Posted by Greg Sturwold on Jan 06, 2015

Well, this is nothing new but we felt we needed to post about it here for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

We love the most recent Batman Trilogy as much as anyone else. And with Batman, you can rest assured that you will always see cool gadgets, vehicles and pretty girls (of course). One of the features of the new Batman films was the "Tumbler" which was Bruce Wayne's newest form of military grade transportation. It is basically Tank meets muscle car meets stealth fighter jet...and boy do we love it. 

We also love golf carts.

Now, you have the chance to own an awesome Tumbler themed golf cart for the small price of $17,500 (but you can't put a price on happiness, can you?)


More pictures at the end of the article.

This modified golf cart starts with the frame of an EZGO, which is stripped down and then built up as a new cart with a custom frame and sheet metal design including a stealth-looking cowl. The gas motor is capable of 38mph top speed and the cart rests on a four-link rear suspension with adjustable coil-over shocks, leather seats, and much more.