ARISUN 23x10.5-12 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires (6-ply)

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SKU: SS-AT06-23x10.5-12

Take control of tougher terrain with these 6-PLY, 23x10.5-12 DOT All Terrain tires from ARISUN. 6-Ply tires are appropriate for EXTREME terrain. Made from a ultra-tough rubber composition, tackle rocks, construction sites, and other sharp objects with confidence.

These 6-Ply tires are more of an industrial-rating tire for applications & under more WEIGHT than the standard course-used golf cart.

ARISUN Tires carry a noticeable presence in the UTV & Off-Road markets, making this a rigid crossover for Golf Carts put to the test of their limits.

Order includes:

  • (1) x ARISUN 23x10.5-12" All Terrain 6-PLY Golf Cart Tire
Fits:   ALL 6" Lifted Golf Carts
Tire size:   23x10.5-12" - 23" tall, 10.5" wide
Ply Rating:   6-PLY 
Tire height (ground to top of tire):   23 inches  
DOT Approved:   YES
Load Rating:   1,760 lbs. @ 32 psi (max)

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