Arisun 23x10-14" DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires and ATV Tires (4 Ply) - Set of 4


SKU: SS-AT06-23x10-14 (4)

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SKU: SS-AT06-23x10-14 (4)

High quality 23" ALL TERRAIN golf cart tires for your 14" golf cart wheels from ARISUN Tires! These tires are made to handle gravel, trails, grass and street (DOT Approved)!

ARISUN has years of experience making ATV and UTV tires, and has recently applied there technology and experience to Golf Carts. Pay less for these tires while you still can!

This All Terrain tire includes:

  • (4) x Brand new ARISUN 23x10-14" All Terrain tire
  • Tire is DOT Approved (street legal)
  • Tire will fit all 14" golf cart wheels
  • Tires measure in at 23 inches tall (ground to top of tire) and will require a lift kit for use
  • Includes tires only

These tires provide excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions on most trails (gravel, dirt, etc). Tire has a medium ride quality.

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