ARISUN 215/35-12 DOT Golf Cart Tires - Low Profile

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SKU: SS-ST21-215/35-12

High-quality, great-gripping low profile 12" DOT golf cart tires from ARISUN performance tires. ARISUN golf cart tires is a strong young brand which you can enjoy paying less for at the Golf Cart Tire Supply. This tire includes:

  • (1) Fresh 215/35-12" ARISUN Low Profile tire
    • Tires measure in at 18 inches tall (no lift kit required)
  • 4-Ply Rating
  • Tires are DOT approved
  • Tires are safe for turf
  • Tires will fit ALL 12" golf cart wheels
  • Does NOT include wheels

These tires provide excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.

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