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ALLIED 48-Volt Lithium Golf Cart Batteries BIG BOX Kit - Drop in Ready ALL CARTS (Choose Your Charge Distance, Fits 48-Volt)

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  • ALLIED 36V / 48V Lithium Voltage Reducer for 12V Accessories
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Welcome to the FUTURE: Lithium Golf Cart Batteries. And one of the very best kits on the market you can get for your cart is the ALLIED Big Box Lithium Golf Cart Battery kit.

These true Drop-in-Ready Lithium golf cart batteries are amazing for so many reasons. A full turn-key replacement system, this battery pack enables you to convert your cart to lithium from lead acid in less than 30 minutes. You can use the same wiring as used with your current lead-acid system.

If your cart is a 6-seater, has regen braking, or you just want to go further distance per each time you charge, please use the drop down selector and choose to upgrade to 105Ah or 150Ah (amp hours):

  • 65Ah = Recommended for any STANDARD golf cart - output is 25-30 miles per charge
  • 105Ah = Recommended for any Standard Golf Cart w/ Regen Braking, Speed Controller, etc. - output is 35-40 miles per charge
  • 150Ah = Recommended for any 6-Seater or Performance Golf Cart w/Regen Braking, Speed Controller, etc. - output is 35-40 miles per charge

What comes with your Big-Box Lithium Golf Cart Battery order?

  • 1 x Big Box Battery Pack (65AH, 105AH, or 150AH)
  • 1 x Waterproof Lithium Charger
  • 1 x Set of Installation Cables
  • All Mounting Brackets and Hardware
  • Terminal Protectors
  • Bluetooth App Connectivity
  • ** For a State of Charge Meter, New Battery Cables, etc please give us a call!

What makes Lithium Golf Cart Battery Kits amazing?

  • Unheard of 8-Year Warranty
  • No "drop off" in power, works at full power until they are fully discharged (just like your cell phone)
  • Full Charge in only 2-3 hours (quick charge up)
  • Includes standard 15-Amp Charger
  • Last up to 15 years (compared to 5 years with regular batteries)
  • Weigh only 1/4 the weight of Lead-Acid Batteries
  • No Maintenance! (Never need to add water to your batteries again)
  • Drop in ready (install in minutes, just swap out with your old batteries)

48-Volt Lithium Golf Cart Batteries Conversion Kit from ALLIED

The ALLIED 48V BIG BOX Battery Kit is the latest and greatest Lithium golf cart battery on the market for a reason. Not only will it save you money on powering your cart, but it will make your cart 300lbs lighter (which means your cart will be faster and more efficient as well).

This pack serves as an EXACT replacement for your Trojan lead-acid batteries (T-105, etc.). The only difference is, you only need 1 ALLIED Big Box Battery instead of 8 Trojan’s (400lbs). This kit sits right in your battery tray; just connect your power cables, and you’re good to go.


Voltage:   48V
Chemistry:   LiFePO4
Charging Voltage Range:   55.6 - 58.0
Max Charge Voltage:   58.8V
Operating Voltage Range:   43 – 58.8V
kWh Capacity:   3.12kWh (65Ah) to 7.20kWh (150Ah)
Ah Capacity:   65Ah, 105Ah or 150Ah
Cell Configuration:   16S
Max Continuous Discharge Current Amps:   160
Max Continuous Power Watts:   8000
Max Discharge Peak Current Amps: Unit x2   360A (6 Seconds)
Max Charge Current Amps:   60
Charge Temp Range (°C):   0°C (32°F) / 65°C (149°F)
Discharge Temp Range (°C):   -30°C (-22°F) / 65°C (149°F)
Optimal Discharge Temp Range:   15°C (59°F) / 35°C (95°F)
Storage Temp:   -20°C (-4°F) / 50°C (122°F) (Max 6 Months)
Weight:   80 (LBS)
Safety Features:   BMS (Battery Management System)
  Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over-Current
  (Thermal Management System), Safety Fuse (250A)

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