Advanced EV Navitas 600-Amp 48-Volt AC Upgrade Controller Kit With BlueTooth (Fits NEOS Controller!)

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Want to get more performance out of your golf cart? Look no further than this Navitas Controller! The Navitas controller allows you to personalize your riding experience in real-time. Adjust your cart's top speed, acceleration, braking and battery driving range all with the turn of a knob! This controller package only works on Electric Advanced EV Golf Cart models (with current factory NEOS controller.) **Replaces NEOS “M” type controllers only. Example model numbers: 48M350 or 48M450**

With the newly added Bluetooth feature, you can now turn your phone into a vehicle instrument panel as well. The Navitas dashboard app allows the vehicle's owner to remotely lock their vehicle, monitor usage and performance or notify their dealers with diagnostic information.

Kit Features:

  • Cost effective improvement to increase the speed and power of a golf car
  • The Navitas app allows you to monitor the vehicle's performance
    • Built-in speedometer
    • Gear indicator (Forward, Neutral, Reverse)
    • One-click Car Lock Out feature
    • Live battery voltage monitoring
    • Provides alerts that you can send directly to your technician/dealer by email
  • New "Cruise mode" for higher top speed (Up to 15% faster)
    • 30mph + with stock  tires
    • Lower Speeds = Greater Range
  • Up to 75% more raw power than a stock controller. Improved hill climb capability with 22/23" tires
  • Use your stock motor, solenoid and existing wiring
  • Plug and play installation, works with your existing motor and plugs directly into your carts wiring harness
  • Control your regen braking in forward and reverse for added safety when driving or backing down inclines
  • Use the "lock out feature" to lock in settings to control power and speed

Kit Includes:

  • Advanced EV harness for plug and play installation (Only compatible with NEOS Controller!)
  • On-The-Fly Feature Controller
  • 600-Amp Navitas Controller
  • Mounting plate & hardware
  • Controller & resistor wires

Note: The Navitas app is available for Apple® IOS and Android phones and tablets