215/40R12 Wanda Radial Golf Cart Tires (Steel Belted) DOT Approved - Set of 4

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SKU: SS-WR0282154012 (4)

Want the absolute smoothest ride for your golf cart? Then you need radial golf cart tires (just like on your car). Fits ALL Golf Carts!

These high performance, street legal (DOT approved) Steel Belted Radial golf cart tires from Wanda will give you the smoothest ride and longest lifespan possible from any golf cart tire on the market.

The main benefits of radial golf cart tires are:

  • They offer a smoother ride than regular tires (bias-ply tires)
  • Radial tires are generally more battery/gas efficient than regular tires (lower rolling resistance)
  • Radials have a longer lifespan than bias-ply tires, since they don't lose their shape under heat / load

The Wanda 215/40R-12" Steel Belted Radial tire gives a soft and smooth ride quality with excellent wet and dry traction. Enjoy longer tread life with radial tires as well!

Tire size 215/40R-12 (18.5" x 8.1" x 12")
Tire height (ground to top of tire) 18.5 inches tall (same as factory)
Turf Safe YES
DOT Approved YES
Ply Rating 4-ply
Tire Model WR028

Fits ALL golf carts. Guaranteed.