18x9.5-8 Duro Tiller Golf Cart Tires

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SKU: RH-TIR-212 (ALT N-28278)

An aggressive option to help your cart tackle any terrain, or tough trails around your property! The 18x9.5-8 Duro Tiller tires is a GREAT option for more aggressive needs. 

This tire features wide spacing between the tread lugs to DIG and latch onto what it makes contact with, helping your cart gain traction in tough conditions. This tire is a perfect choice for any mud, or softer terrain. 

Fits on any 8" wheel! Wide overall profile & thick sidewall protects your wheel from damage.

Each order includes:

  • (1) x Duro Tiller 18x9.5-8" Tire
  • Tire Only
Tire Size 18x9.5-8"
Tire Height 18 inches tall, 9 inches wide
Turf Safe NO (All Terrain)
DOT Approved YES
Ply Rating 4-ply

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