12" TREMOR Matte Black Wheels and Low Profile 215/35-12 DOT Tires - Set of 4

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SKU: I-12082 / I-12553

Paint it BLACK! This 12" TREMOR MATTE BLACK SS street wheel and tire combo not only looks amazing on your cart, but is also made with extremely high quality materials. If you're looking for a bolt-on, no lift kit required wheel and tire combo, this matte black golf cart wheel set wrapped with Low Profile DOT (street legal) and turf safe tires are exactly what you need. 

This wheel and tire combo includes:

  • (4) Fresh 215/35-12" DOT Low Profile tires (DOT Approved and Turf Safe)
  • (4) 12"x7" TREMOR Matte Black SS Machined aluminum wheels (3+4 offset)
  • (4) SS Center caps (Matte Black)
  • (16) Lug nuts (black)
Fits: ALL Golf Carts. No lift needed.
Tire size: 215/35-12
Tire height (ground to top of tire): 18 inches
Turf Safe: YES
DOT Approved: YES
Ply Rating: 4 ply
Load Rating: 665 lbs per wheel

You will not experience any rubbing with this wheel set on a stock suspension (stands 18" tall). Just bolt-on and go! Order with confidence.

Get yours today and watch your friends get wheel envy!

Note: Yamaha carts require metric lug nuts, so please be sure to select the proper golf cart checkout option below.