12" Black Steel Window Wheels and 215/35-12 Low Profile DOT Tires Combo - Set of 4

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SKU: STE-BNDL-TR1212-SW1201 (ALT: UC 35 I-12001/12553)

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SKU: STE-BNDL-TR1212-SW1201 (ALT: UC 35 I-12001/12553)

Get a custom look for LESS with this amazing economy 12" MATTE BLACK STEEL golf cart wheel and tire combo for your stock/ non-lifted golf cart! We take the 12" D-Type variant Steel Wheels and mount them up on Low Profile 215/35-12" Street DOT golf cart tires that are perfect for the pavement and are gentle enough for the golf course (turf safe).

Each order includes:

  • (4) Brand New Wanda 215/35-12" DOT Golf Cart Tires (comes mounted on the wheels)
  • (4) 12x7" Black Steel Golf Cart Wheels (2+5 Offset)
  • Ships for FREE
  • Mounted for FREE

Fits ALL Golf Carts:

EZGO: Marathon / Medalist / TXT /ST / PDS / RXV / Workhorse
Yamaha: All G MODELS / DRIVE (G29) / Drive2
Other golf carts: Any lug pattern that is 4x4 (Par Car, Star EV, Harley, etc.)

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