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The Top 10 Golf Carts of 2020

The Top 10 Golf Carts of 2020

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Every year after both gathering feedback from the thousands of customers we speak with each month and rigorous testing at our shop, our Golf Cart Expert Team names the best golf cart our Golf Cart of the Year, and releases a corresponding Top 10 list.

If you’re looking for more in-depth analysis of these machines (and others), as well as product reviews, golf cart maintenance tips, informative how-to articles, and much more, click here to subscribe to the GCTS Newsletter and visit our Golf Cart University. We hope this list helps you make the best decision on which golf cart to buy!

The Top 10 Golf Carts of 2020

Many new golf carts carts have been introduced to the market over the past 2-3 years. Club Car replaced their flagship Precedent model with the all new Club Car Onward. Yamaha replaced its flagship Drive/G29 model with the all new Drive2 in 2017, now available with Quietech Fuel Injection. EZGO has new Lithium powered offerings, and there are other new cart styles available from other major manufacturers! Along with these new golf cart models coming to market, many tried and tested older carts with lots of aftermarket golf cart accessories and parts available round out our list this year.

You might just be starting your search for a new cart, and with such a wide variety of carts available on the market in 2020 how can you possibly choose which one best suits your needs? We hope our breakdown and analysis of the carts below will help you in your decision making. Our team has decades of experience, and the carts we have selected for this list are the ones that stand out above the rest of the pack.


1. Club Car Onward HP Li-Ion & Tempo Li-Ion


Club Car (along with EZGO) has broken new ground by introducing their new Club Car Onward and Tempo carts outfitted with LITHIUM golf cart batteries as part of their new HP Li-Ion series of carts. There are many great advantages to having lithium batteries in your cart. The biggest advantage is much quicker charging times and a longer lasting charge. In addition, lithium batteries are essentially "maintenance-free”. You will no longer have to check the fluid level or add water to your batteries ever again. Because of their durability and long life, these new lithium batteries come from the manufacturer with an extremely generous 6-year manufacturer's warranty and are much lighter (1/4 the weight) than regular golf cart batteries. Lighter batteries = a lighter cart which means that these carts are also now more efficient than ever before. Lithium batteries can also produce increased torque compared to standard lead acid batteries, and have a useful life of 10 years (compared to 5 or 6 years on lead-acid batteries). To learn more about lithium golf cart batteries, click here.

These new Onward carts also have completely redesigned front fascia and body (compared to the old Precedent line); coming standard with automotive style LED headlights and running lamps and sporting comfy contoured front seats mounted to Club Car’s industry leading aluminum frame. Probably the only drawback to these new Club Car Onward and Tempo Lithium powered carts is that many aftermarket manufacturers are not yet making accessories for these carts, because they are so new. However, we do expect many new accessories to be available for these carts throughout the coming year, and we expect lithium golf cart batteries to be all the rage from 2020 onwards (pun intended).

MSRP Starting at: $10,932


2. Yamaha Drive2 EFI QuieTech


The Drive2 is a standout new golf cart from Yamaha. Beginning in 2017, Yamaha released this new and improved DRIVE model - the Drive2. Available in either gas or electric, the most noticeable update from the original Drive (G29) model cart is the addition of QuieTech EFI (Quiet Electronic Fuel Injection) to the gas versions of the Drive2. Electronic Fuel Injection is a huge improvement over the carbed carts, and this particular QuieTech EFI is the quietest in history; boasting the lowest decibel output of any gas cart ever made. QuieTech EFI combines the quietness of electric, with the dependability and power of Gas. The Drive2 QuieTech EFI carts also feature the industry's first-ever Independent Rear Suspension on a golf cart.

In addition to being quiet, this fuel injected cart provides better torque compared to older carbureted systems. You will also no longer have to worry about having silly maintenance issues with your carbureted gas cart (because we all know how big of a pain that can be). The Drive2 gets up to 45mpg, which is 23% better gas mileage than the outgoing Yamaha Drive (G29) Gas models. The Drive2 also features new and improved headlights and has a ton of aftermarket accessories available on the market. Yamaha’s new Drive2 golf cart is a welcome change in the golf cart community!

MSRP Starting at: $8,999


3. EZGO Express S4 ELiTE


Similar to the Club Car Onward & Tempo, EZGO has introduced their new line of LITHIUM powered Vehicles with the all new EZGO ELiTE Lithium golf cart. This cart is a huge leap forward for EZGO, as the manufacturer transitions away from traditional Lead-Acid batteries to more efficient, reliable and performance focused lithium power. The cart is powered by a proven, maintenance-free Samsung SDI lithium battery system. It has many of the same advantages as the Club Car Onward, including an 8-year manufacturer's warranty on the batteries, which is very generous. The only reason the EZGO is number three on this list (instead of coming in at number two) is because the EZGO body design remains mostly unchanged, while the new Club Car Onward automotive headlights and styling redesign are more exciting than the EZGO’s more traditional front end. However, the EZGO S4 ELiTE does come with a 4-passenger capacity (rear seat is included), a lift kit and 23” tires from the factory!

Again, since this cart is so new to the market, many aftermarket accessories won’t be available until later on in 2020.

MSRP Starting at: $9,999


4. Yamaha G29 / Drive


Coming in at number four on our list is one of the bestselling carts of all time: the Yamaha Drive/G29. This cart was produced from 2007-2016 and was offered with either a gas or electric powerplant. The electric model comes in with a 48-Volt powerplant, with plenty of torque and climbing power (especially when compared to that of a 36-Volt cart). The gas model Yamaha G29/Drive came with a 357cc 4-Stroke motor. Yamaha Golf Carts are known for being the most reliable carts in the industry, with precision manufacturing and care used in the assembly of each model. The Drive/G29 was the flagship Yamaha golf cart for almost 10 years, so there is a huge amount of aftermarket accessories and parts available for this cart (many at a reasonable cost). From the factory, this cart can fit larger tires than most golf carts (without the need of a lift kit), up to a 20.5" tire in fact; which makes it very popular with our customers who want taller tires without the need to install a lift kit. The G29 also has a sleek body style which most find to be a little "sportier" looking than its major competitors’ offerings from the same period.

MSRP Starting at: $8,500 (now found used for $1,800 to $7,000)


5. EZGO TXT (1994.5 – 2013 model years)


The EZGO TXT is another one of the bestselling golf carts of all time. The beauty in these carts is that they are cheap to purchase (used), cheap to maintain, and have probably the most extensive selection of golf cart accessories available for them of any golf cart on the entire market. So you can customize your EZGO TXT to look and perform however you may wish. The EZGO TXT has a long list of aftermarket parts available (too long to list here), but some of the more notable accessories include the DoubleTake TITAN body kits which give the cart and extremely updated look, and the ability to purchase all major different lift kit styles (A-Arm, Spindle, Coil-Over, Block and Long Travel) for this cart. Many EZGO TXT models also have the PDS (Precision Drive System), allowing the use of “personality plugs” which plug directly into your controller to enhance performance on your cart.

Much like our number four cart on this list (the Yamaha G29), the EZGO TXT can fit larger tires on it straight from the factory as well, without the need for a lift kit (up to 20.5" tall tires). If your TXT cart is older though, we do recommend adding new leaf springs to avoid rubbing with taller tires (especially if you have a rear seat kit).

MSRP Starting at: $7,399 (now found used for $1,300 to $6,500)


6. Club Car Onward Gas


Introduced to the market in 2017, the Club Car Onward Gas is extremely similar to the outgoing Club Car Precedent Gas model, but with updated styling that is ready to take on the next decade. The Onward Gas has updated automotive-style headlights with DRL (daytime running lights) and a more "edgy / boxy" look compared to the rounded body lines and distinctive bumper of the old Precedent carts. The gas cart is powered by a punchy 429cc Kohler EFI Engine, producing 14hp and a top speed of 19mph. The suspension has also been upgraded to include independent A-Arms with Hydraulic shocks, for a more comfortable ride than ever before.

Most accessories that fit the Precedent model carts will fit interchangeably on the Onward carts, including lift kits, windshields, floor mats, and more; meaning it is easy to modify this cart right away. Because the Onward is newer, it does come with a heftier price tag than a used Precedent would, but the Onward carts are worth it for their major styling and comfort updates.

MSRP Starting at: $7,789


7. Club Car Precedent 


The Club Car Precedent, along with #4 and #5 on our list (Yamaha Drive/G29 and EZGO TXT) is one of the more well-known golf carts on the market. The Precedent has been around since 2004 and was the fleet cart of choice for many golf courses around the United States. Because so many of these carts were used at Country Clubs across the nation, a used Club Car Precedent can usually be found at a fairly reasonable price, and will have many aftermarket parts available for it; which have made it a fan favorite.

The Club Car Precedent is available in gas (14HP Subaru 4-cycle EFI) and electric (48-Volt) variants. One small drawback to the Club Car Precedent it its hindered ability when it comes to buying wheels and tires for a stock (non-lifted) cart. The Precedent can only fit up to 19" tall tires on a stock suspension setup, but even at that size you have to be very careful on what wheel offset your rims have. Most owners just choose to lift their Club Car Precedent when going with taller than the OEM sized 18 inch tall tires. When it comes to other accessories, the Club Car Precedent has an extremely wide range of upgrades and golf cart parts available, making it an awesome buy.

MSRP: Starting at $7,999 (now found used for $2,000 to $7,000)


8. EZGO Freedom RXV ELiTE


The EZGO RXV has been around since 2008, but this latest 2020 model is the all new Freedom RXV ELiTE LITHIUM Powered cart. Much like #2 and #3 on our list, the Freedom RXV ELiTE brings a huge update to the RXV line, coming with the latest lithium battery technology in the golf cart industry. The lithium batteries in the new RXV are highly efficient, maintenance-free, and come with the same an unprecedented 8-year battery warranty that the rest of the EZGO ELiTE carts are offered with. Because the regular lead-acid battery and gas powered RXV carts have been around since 2008, many accessories are available for these carts already. The RXV also has a little bit "sportier / curvy" of a body than its sister cart, the TXT, which can be described as having a more rigid body lines. The base model EZGO RXV and TXT might be interchangeable on our list because they are such similar carts, however we have the TXT listed first due to the larger amount of customization that can be done and the higher cost of the new RXV ELiTE model.

MSRP Starting at: $9,699


9. Club Car DS


The Club Car DS might be the staple of all golf carts ever produced, and as a result we sell more accessories for this cart than any other cart on our site. This golf cart has been around for a very long time (produced from 1982-2010) and not much really changed during all those years of production. The front end has a squared off look, which matches the remaining “boxy” body lines. Club Car did change the DS’s 36-Volt system to a 48-Volt system around the year 1995, to give the cart more power and battery life. They also changed the backrest from a split backrest design to one single piece backrest in 2000.5. This design update is the easiest way to tell a 1982-2000.5 Club Car DS from a 2000.5+ DS. Due to it's longevity, wide range of available add-ons, and cheap price on the used market; the Club Car DS is an excellent golf cart to consider purchasing if you are in the market.

MSRP Starting at: $6,999 (now found used for $900 to $5,000)


10. STAR EV Sirius


The Star EV Sirius cart is a major update from STAR Electric Vehicles. Gone is the body of the old STAR EV Classic, and in its place a newly designed, cutting edge (futuristic) looking body with an all new front cowl, automotive style headlights and coil-over shocks. STAR EV really put the time in designing and releasing this cart in 2017, and it rounds out our top 10 list this year because it is still turning heads everywhere it goes. The STAR EV Sirius comes straight from the manufacturer equipped with interior dashboard lighting, adjustable seat backs, locking trunk and glove boxes, digital dash cluster/ speedometer, and self-canceling turn signals with side mirror indicators. You also have the option to upgrade to an NEV package, which provides added power, higher speeds and many more DOT approved street legal parts. While the price of the STAR EV is higher, the levels of luxury found on this cart, and the standard equipment from the factory are worth the high cost of entry!

MSRP Starting at: $12,995


In Summary

We hope you have enjoyed reading through our 2020 list of the best golf cart offerings on the market. This list took many weeks to curate, and included feedback from customers and seat time in all of the above vehicles. There were honorable mentions (such as offerings from Garia Golf Cars) that did not make the list this year. But we constantly have our eye on all cart offerings on the market throughout the year, and are eager to see what new releases hit the market this coming year.

As always, we will keep you posted on what’s out there, and are here to help you when it comes to adding golf cart accessories and replacing golf cart parts on your cart!

One last thing before you make a decision on which golf cart you want to purchase! Be sure to check out our extremely helpful Golf Cart Buyer’s Guide article so you can answer things like “Is a gas or electric cart better?” and “How much is a golf cart?”.

Thank you!


Written by: Trey Rhodes Jr. of the Golf Cart Expert Team

Published: 01.01.2020

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