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The Top 10 Best Golf Cart List of 2022

The Top 10 Best Golf Cart List of 2022


Each and every year we gather community feedback on all different golf cart makes and models from the thousands of customers we speak with each month. We also perform rigorous testing here at our GCTS shop. We then combine all the data gathered and the mechanical expertise of our very own Golf Cart Expert Team to name our Best Golf Cart of the Year. Well, that data is now in! And we are proud to announce our corresponding Top 10 Best Golf Carts List for 2022.

If you’re looking for more in-depth analysis of the machines on our list (and other golf carts), as well as product reviews, golf cart maintenance tips, informative how-to articles, and much more, then be sure to subscribe to the GCTS Newsletter and visit our Golf Cart University page. We hope our 2022 list helps you make the best decision on which golf cart to buy in the year ahead!

The 10 Best Golf Carts of 2022

While there are a couple familiar faces on this list (from year’s prior), golf carts just keep getting better and better each year as the EV Automobile revolution also continues to rage on! So, you will notice there are a handful of new entrants on our list this year that are pushing the envelope with beautiful new industrial design, top-notch mechanical & ride quality and uniquely helpful design features.

If you are just beginning your search for a new (or used) golf cart, we are sure our breakdown and analysis of the carts below will help you in your decision making. Our team has decades of experience in modifying every single golf cart model under the sun; and the carts we have selected for this list are the ones that stand out above the rest of the pack.



Wow… to say we are impressed with the new EZGO Liberty would be the understatement of the New Year! This cart has absolutely raised the bar for all other manufacturers, and truly has it all.


The LIBERTY is a first-of-its-kind golf cart/LSV which EZGO says will “push everything in a new direction” with its four-forward facing seats. And after seeing it, we tend to agree!

The cart comes standard as one of the brand’s ELiTE Lithium vehicles (using a Samsung SDI lithium battery system), which means you get consistent power regardless of your charge level. You can also charge any time you like, no matter your current battery level (without worry of shortening battery life). Charging this cart is also faster and more efficient than in carts with standard, lead-acid batteries. In addition to the EZGO Liberty’s amazing powertrain, it also features:

  • Standard Premium Interior with lighted cupholders, premium steering wheel, individual key switch, glove box door, floor mats and shelf
  • 4 forward-facing Premium Seats

The only downside to the LIBERTY: it’s expensive. Starting at around $15,000, these carts can run you all the way up to $20,000 with options and sales tax included; which is the price of a reliable car. Still, we can’t argue that the LIBERTY truly does deliver on every dollar you spend purchasing one.

You can expect to start seeing these babies at all the travel hot spots, country club parking lots, sports facilities, dealerships, and more in the years ahead – and we’re not complaining about it!

MSRP Starting at: $15,199


2. EZGO Express S4 ELiTE


EZGO is really making great products right now, and the fact they secured the top 2 spots on our list this year should tell you so. The EZGO Express S4 came in at #3 on our last list, and has bumped up a position for 2022 due to design updates. EZGO’s S2 (2-seater) and S4 (4-seater) golf carts were introduced to the market back in 2020. Offered as Gas (13.5HP Kawasaki), Electric (72-Volt) or LITHIUM powered variants, all three are great options but Lithium is the way to go. The Samsung SDI lithium battery system used in the Express S4 is also used in the LIBERTY, and is proven to be maintenance-free.

This cart was a huge leap forward for EZGO when it hit the market two years ago, and now the 2022 model features a beautifully face-lifted front cowl, improved/more premium front (and rear) seats, and standard LED headlights. It is extremely similar to the LIBERTY (#1 on our list) except it has a traditional golf cart seating pattern, so it does not feature four forward facing seats.

The EZGO Express S4 is one of the best-looking carts on the market right now, and will impress your friends and neighbors alike with its premium looks and ride quality. It includes a very generous 8-year manufacturer's warranty on its lithium batteries and comes with a rear seat kit, nice lift kit and 23” tires from the factory!

MSRP Starting at: $13,699


3. Club Car Onward HP Li-Ion


Club Car continues to impress with their Club Car Onward and Tempo carts outfitted with LITHIUM golf cart batteries as part of their new HP Li-Ion series of carts. The Club Car Onward HP Li-Ion features:

  • High-powered 4.7HP motor and 375-amp electronic controller improve hill-climbing, performance, and torque
  • Maintenance-free Lithium battery with 6-year warranty
  • Three drive modes: Economy, Normal, and Sport (setup at dealer)

The only reason the Club Car Onward HP Li-Ion is #3 on this list (instead of coming higher, as it did on our last list) is because the Club Car body design remains mostly unchanged for the last couple years, while the new EZGO Liberty and EZGO Express S2/S4 offerings are more exciting than the Club Car’s more traditional front end.

While the 2022 Onward Li-Ion carts haven’t gotten a facelift since they were introduced in 2020, the Onward’s automotive style front fascia and body is still very nice (especially when compared to the old Precedent line). This cart comes standard with automotive-style LED headlights and running lamps and sports comfy contoured front seats mounted to Club Car’s industry leading aluminum frame.

You’ll notice our top 3 carts this year are all LITHIUM Powered golf carts. And that is because lithium power is the future of the industry. There are many great advantages to having lithium batteries in your cart. The biggest advantage is much quicker charging times and a longer lasting charge. In addition, lithium batteries are essentially "maintenance-free”. You will no longer have to check the fluid level or add water to your batteries ever again. Lithium golf cart batteries are also much lighter (1/4 the weight) than regular golf cart batteries. Lighter batteries = a lighter cart which means that these carts are more efficient than ever before. Lithium batteries also have a useful life of 10 years (compared to 5 or 6 years on lead-acid batteries). To learn more about lithium golf cart batteries, read our article: Why Lithium Golf Cart Batteries are the Future.

MSRP Starting at: $13,896


4. EZGO Freedom TXT Gas


The 2022 Freedom TXT Gas golf cart features the amazing best-in-class EX1 Engine from EZGO. The EX1 has advanced closed-loop electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology which is both super quiet and also lets you get more miles out of one tank of gas (meaning less money out of pocket to fill up). The EX1 Engine also features:

  • Smart Engine Management monitors the electrical system and shuts off accessories when they’re not in use
  • The best acceleration of any EZGO gas engine on the market (a blast to drive!)
  • Integrated starter/generator (like a hybrid engine), auto starting and stopping for fuel economy

The EZGO TXT is already one of the bestselling golf carts of all time... They are cheap to maintain, and have probably the most extensive selection of golf cart accessories available for them of any golf cart on the entire market. This means you can customize your EZGO TXT to look and perform however you wish. And because the EZGO TXT is on the lower end of the price spectrum, you will have more money in your pocket for modifications that can make this cart look even nicer than pricier factory carts, like its big brother the EZGO LIBERTY (our #1 cart this year). With the addition of golf cart body kits, a golf cart lift kit, and a few other touches… the EZGO TXT can stand tall next to any cart on the market.

Even at a lower price point, the EZGO Freedom TXT comes with the following features standard:

  • Golf Cart Headlights and Taillights for greater visibility
  • USB Port on dash (to charge personal items any time)

MSRP Starting at: $8,399 (older TXT’s can be found used for $3,000 to $6,500)
Also offered in 48-Volt Electric


5. Club Car Onward Gas


Clocking in at #5 on our list is the Club Car Onward Gas golf cart. Similar in many ways to #3 on our list, the only difference between that cart and this one is that this cart is powered by a punchy 429cc Kohler EFI Gas Engine producing 14hp and a top speed of 19mph (rather than Lithium Ion Batteries).

The Onward Gas features the same automotive-style headlights with DRL (daytime running lights) and a more "edgy / boxy" look compared to the rounded body lines and distinctive bumper of the old Precedent carts it replaced. All Club Car Onward carts all feature modern independent A-Arms with Hydraulic shocks, for a more comfortable ride than ever before.

MSRP Starting at: $10,902


6. EZGO Freedom RXV ELiTE


The EZGO RXV line of carts has been around since 2008, but this latest 2022 model is the all-new Freedom RXV ELiTE LITHIUM Powered cart (also offered in Gas EX1, and 48V DC Electric). This cart jumped from #8 on our last list, up to #6 for 2022… and packs an amazing punch for what you pay. The Freedom RXV ELiTE features EZGO’s Samsung SDI lithium battery system, meaning you get consistent and trusted power regardless of your charge level.

The lithium batteries in the new RXV (also found in the LIBERTY & Express S4) are highly efficient, maintenance-free, and come with the same an unprecedented 8-year battery warranty that the rest of the EZGO ELiTE carts are offered with. Because the regular lead-acid battery (48V Electric) and gas powered RXV carts have been around since 2008, many accessories are available for this golf cart model already.

The Good:

  • Lots of aftermarket modifications / customizations available (since the RXV has been around for some time)
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries (fantastic new-tech)
  • Lower-cost pricing for a Lithium Powered Cart (decent bang for the buck)

The Bad:

  • Not as luxurious as it’s big brother, the EZGO Express S4 ELiTE or the EZGO LIBERTY (our #1 cart)
  • The cost is $2,000+ more for Lithium, than the same RXV cart with EZGO’s amazing EX1 Gas Engine

MSRP Starting at: $11,799


7. Yamaha Drive2 EFI QuieTech


You’re probably wondering, “Where the heck is a Yamaha Golf Cart on this list?” And now you have your answer! Falling from #2 to #7 on our list for 2022 is the Yamaha Drive2 EFI.

Yamaha still makes an amazing and affordable golf cart, with many accessories available for it. But the lack of a Lithium offering from the Japanese Giant, and rather stale looking body design (especially compared to EZGO and Club Car) have led Yamaha to fall sharply in our rankings this year.

One feature still carrying the torch for Yamaha is quality and reliability. And the QuieTech EFI (Quiet Electronic Fuel Injection) powerplant featured in the gas version of this cart is no exception. Electronic Fuel Injection is a huge improvement over carbureted carts, and this particular QuieTech EFI is the quietest in history; boasting the lowest decibel output of any gas golf cart ever made.

The Yamaha Drive2 gets up to 45mpg, which is 23% better gas mileage than the previous Yamaha Drive (G29) Gas models. Another big plus for the Drive2 is that it has tons of aftermarket accessories available since it has been around for a few years now. The Yamaha Drive2 (and older Drive/G29) carts can also fit larger tires (up to 20.5" tall tires) on them straight from the factory, without the need for a lift kit. If your Yamaha cart is older though, we recommend adding new HD springs to avoid any rubbing that taller tires can cause with saggy suspension (especially if you have a rear seat kit).

MSRP Starting at: $8,346


8. STAR EV Sirius


We are still very impressed with the quality of the Star EV Sirius cart, but not much has changed on this model in the past few years, so it has fallen to #8 on our list. When the Sirius (named after the brightest star in the sky) was introduced in 2017, it was a big leap forward for STAR Electric Vehicles. With its sleek design, cutting edge (futuristic) looking body & front cowl, automotive style headlights, and coil-over shocks; this cart hit the market aiming to impress.

Even though the cart hasn’t seen substantial updates in the past few years (and is not yet offered with Lithium Batteries), the Sirius is still a good buy. The STAR EV Sirius comes straight from the manufacturer equipped with:

  • Interior dashboard lighting, with digital dash cluster/ speedometer
  • Adjustable seat backs, locking trunk and glove boxes
  • Self-canceling turn signals with side mirror indicators

MSRP Starting at: $13,995


9. Club Car Tempo


Replacing the Club Car Precedent from our last list, the Club Car Tempo is Club Car’s newest fleet cart offering (made for the golf course)! As the Club Car Precedent began to get a bit long in the tooth, the Tempo came along back in 2020 and refreshed Club Car’s golf course offering with a revised front cowl, more comfortable/premium seating material. This is now the fleet cart of choice for many golf courses around the United States. And because so many of these carts are used at Country Clubs across the nation, used Club Car Tempo models can usually be found at a reasonable price.

The Club Car Tempo is available in Gas (14HP, 429 cc Kohler 4-cycle EFI), Electric (48-Volt DC), and Lithium Ion (4.7hp AC) variants. And when it comes to other accessories, the Club Car Tempo has a wide range of upgrades and golf cart parts available, making it a good buy if you’re looking to customize.

All of these factors make the TEMPO a fan favorite for 2022.

MSRP Starting at: $7,895


10. Yamaha G29 / Drive


Rounding out our best golf cart list for 2022 is one of the bestselling carts of all time: the Yamaha Drive/G29. This cart is no longer offered new… but the wide array of aftermarket parts available for it means it still makes our list

This cart was produced from 2007-2016 and is still a fan favorite amongst our customers. The G29/DRIVE was offered with either a gas or electric powerplant. The electric model came with a 48-Volt powerplant, offering plenty of torque and climbing power. The gas model Yamaha G29/Drive came with a 357cc 4-Stroke motor.

Yamaha Golf Carts are known for being the some of the most reliable carts in the industry, with precision manufacturing and care used in the assembly of each model. The Drive/G29 was the flagship Yamaha golf cart for almost 10 years, so there is a huge amount of aftermarket accessories and parts available for this cart (many at a reasonable cost). And one additional bonus of the G29/DRIVE carts is that they can fit larger tires than most golf carts (without the need of a lift kit) from the factory. Up to a 20.5" tire in fact; which makes it very popular with our customers who want taller tires without the need to install a lift kit.

MSRP Starting at: Now found used for $2,000 to $7,000
Note: This cart is no longer sold new

To Sum it all Up

There are a TON of great carts on the market in 2022. We can honestly say we have never been more excited for the future of Golf Carts and Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs).

This list took many months to curate, and included feedback from customers and seat time in all of the above vehicles. As always, there were other honorable mentions (offerings from Garia Golf Cars, Tomberlin, and others) that did not make the list this year. Rest assured, we constantly have our eye on all cart offerings on the market throughout the year and are eager to see what other new releases hit the market in 2022.

We will continue to keep you posted on what’s out there, and are here to help you when it comes to adding golf cart accessories and replacing golf cart parts on your cart!

One last thing before you make a decision on which golf cart you want to purchase: be sure to check out our extremely helpful Golf Cart Buyer’s Guide. In it we will help you answer things like “Is a gas or electric cart better?” and “Just how much is a golf cart anyways?”.

Thank you!


Written by: Alex Sturwold. of the Golf Cart Expert Team

Published: 01-05-2022

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