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How to Read Golf Cart Tire Sizes

Golf Cart Wheel and Tire Sizes EXPLAINED

First, let's just get to the meat and potatoes: a simple size chart (most popular golf cart tire sizes highligted in blue):

Tire Size Height Width
205/50-10 18" Tall 8" Wide
205/65-10 20.5" Tall 8" Wide
205/30-12 17″ Tall 8″ Wide
215/30-12 17.1" Tall 8.5" Wide
215/35-12 17.9" 8.5" Wide
215/40-12 18.5″ Tall 8.5″ Wide
215/50-12 20.5″ Tall 8.5″ Wide
205/30-14 19" Tall 8" Wide


And now, here is a simple overview of how to read golf cart tire sizes (without getting too technical): 

Example #1 - Low Profile Tire - 205/50-10"

205: This is the width of the golf cart tire (across) in millimeters, which is about 8 inches
50: The ratio of the sidewall to the width (divide the first number, 205 by this number to get the ratio...the bigger the ratio, the meatier the tire)
10: The tire size (to match wheel size) in inches

Example #2 - All Terrain Tire - 22x11x10" (even easier...no ratios are involved)

22: This is the height of the tire (in inches)
11: This is the width of the tire across in inches (second number)
10: This is the wheel size the tire should be mounted on (last number)


EZ-GO Golf Carts:

Most non-lifted (stock) EZ-GOs can fit up to a 215/50-12 (20.5") tire without rubbing if there is no added weight on the back of the cart (flip seat, cargo box, etc.).

If your EZGO cart has a back seat kit installed or old sagging rear leaf springs, it is not recommended that you go taller than 215/40-12 (18.5") without first adding fresh leaf springs to prevent rubbing.

Club Car Golf Carts:

Non-lifted (stock) Club Car golf carts can fit 215/40-12 tires (18.5") max.

Yamaha Golf Carts:

Non-lifted (stock) Yamaha golf carts can fit 215/40-12 tires (18.5") max.

Non-lifted (stock) Yamaha Drive / G29 carts are able to fit up to 20.0" tires max.

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