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What Year is my EZGO Golf Cart?

What Year and Model is My EZGO Golf Cart?

When it comes to fitting wheels and tires, lift kits, and other golf cart accessories and parts on your EZ-GO Golf Cart, it is extremely important to make sure you know the year and make of your golf cart! We've laid out an easy guide for you below so that you no longer need to ask "what year is my EZGO?"!

To find out the model and year of your EZGO Golf Cart the first thing you will need is to find your cart's SERIAL NUMBER.

There serial number on your EZ-GO Golf Cart can be located in one of two places:

    1. Under the seat towards the front of the golf cart
    2. Under the front bumper on the frame of the golf cart

Once you have located your serial number, use our convenient table below to find the model and year of your cart (organized from newest to oldest carts):

Electric EZGO Golf Cart Serial Numbers:

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